Mohammed Al Ghurair (2nd from L), Ali Hassan (R) Deepak Bulchandani (L) during a press conference in Dubai to announce the kite flying festival. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: “Basant,” a kite flying and musical event, will see the Pakistani expats in the UAE coming together for a community celebration over the first weekend of February.

The event, combining the thrill of kite-flying with a soulful musical extravaganza, aims to bring together families, friends, and neighbours for an unforgettable experience.

The 24-hour event will be held at Task Sports Cricket Village, Al Dhaid in Sharjah over February 3 and 4.

Popular Pakistani singers Abrarul Haq and Nimra Mehra, UK-based band Sahara UK and DJ Sunny will be performing at the event.

Meaning “spring,” Basant transcends its traditional roots, emerging as a festival that not only pays homage to age-old traditions but also embraces the diverse tapestry of the Pakistani expat community, the organisers said in press conference in Dubai. Mohammed Al Ghurair, General Manager of Al Ghurair Exchange; Ali Hassan, business development manager and Deepak Bulchandani, marketing manager, addressed the press conference.

Set against the backdrop of vibrant kites soaring high in the sky, the event promises an immersive cultural experience, weaving together the colours, sounds, and flavours that make the community unique and celebrate the spirit of unity, culture, and joy, they added.