Dubai: More than three weeks after its RJs suddenly disappeared from the airwaves, a cloud of mystery still hangs over the fate of Asian radio station Cool 94.7 FM.

The station frequency has been off the air for the past several days and no one at their Media City office can convincingly explain whether the reasons are technical or financial.

"It's a combination of both," said Yasar Khan, Regional Head, Middle East, Cool FM. He refused to elaborate further, saying: "We're still in discussion with the frequency provider and should be back on air very soon."

Cool FM's Facebook page which attributes the ‘small problem' to transmission snags is also making similar assurances to curious fans.

"Guys, there's been a small problem with our transmission. Our engineers are working on it to try and resolve it as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience :)" reads a June 7 post in response to queries by some fans.

"Just like every computer, aircraft, phone and other things, we too are having a technical problem, which we r working on! We promise to be back soon," says another post, this one on June 9.

Meanwhile, a radio jockey told XPRESS they will learn about their fate on Saturday.

"The management called us for a meeting. They said we will learn on Saturday whether our services are required or not. We are keeping our fingers crossed," the RJ said on condition of anonymity.