Abu Dhabi : The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) has started issuing a new generation of ID cards with a larger memory as part of its new enrolment strategy aimed at implementing a number of initiatives related to electronic service applications.

Dr Engineer Ali Mohammad Al Khoury, EIDA director-general, expressed his happiness at this unique and remarkable achievement that enabled the UAE to be the first country to adopt such advanced technology and use it in the field of identification cards.

Simplify procedures

Al Khoury said the new technology opens the door for the integration of a number of applications with ID cards in the future. Such integration will simplify procedures in the public and private sectors.

He also stressed that the new features of the ID card are in line with the broad outline set by EIDA and serve to enhance the success of the most important initiatives and projects in its new strategy.

He also announced that EIDA had completed work on the infrastructure required for public-key cryptography (PKC) in the ID card and internal upgrade. This achievement is an important part of EIDA's 2010-13 strategy.

This is a major achievement for the authority and is a culmination of two important elements of the new enrolment strategy for 2010-13. The elements include the provision of secured and modern infrastructure for e-government services and the fulfilment of integration and electronic communication with government departments.

Al Khoury said the authority had recently signed a contract with a specialised global company to implement the electronic ciphering project, referring to continuity of coordination and cooperation with the federal and local organisations responsible for implementing government projects in the UAE.

EIDA endeavours to enhance and develop strategic partnerships with other government authorities.

Al Khoury also explained that the public-key cryptography provides an integrated secured system for identity verification through enabling users to decisively identify their identities.