Executive Council Resolution No. 22 of 2021 requires that all volunteer groups obtain permits for their functioning. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Sharjah Centre for Volunteer Work, affiliated with the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, has launched a volunteer teams permit service to enable voluntary groups operating in Sharjah to get themselves officially registered. This is in line with Executive Council Resolution No. 22 of 2021.

Accordingly, the Center will grant a permit for resident groups to practise volunteering activity in the emirate.

There are a number of criteria for groups to be eligible. To begin with, the number of individuals founding the team should not be less than five individuals. The team members must have an individual volunteer permit separately; and they must have a professional practice licence for specialised teams.

Hessa Al Hammadi, Director of the Sharjah Centre for Volunteer Work, welcomed the decision to streamline voluntary work in Sharjah.

After examining the genuineness of volunteering in the emirate, the registration process entails several steps, starting with submitting the application and providing required documents, which, upon approval, will be posted on the website of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah.

Al Hammadi added that the centre will follow up on the voluntary work provided by governmental, private, federal and charitable institutions and agencies in Sharjah through annual reports submitted by them.

The centre will also evaluate the performance of volunteer teams annually according to the criteria for classifying them.