AJMAN Ajman Civil Defence has ordered all gas cylinder companies in the emirate to change gas cylinder valves wherever they have have been installed and fit them with new regulators that automatically shut off supply in case of a leak or crack in the hose.

The new valve ensures the safety of cooking gas users and minimises the risk of gas leakage and consequent fires.

The project will be implemented during the first half of 2020.

“The new regulators are equipped with automatic devices to switch off the gas flow if a leak or sudden crack in the are detected,” said Brigadier Mohammah Ali Al Suwaidi, director of civil defence in Ajman.

He said gas companies in Ajman are cooperating with the Civil Defence to implement the final phase of the project with the introduction of systems that have advanced specifications.

A fusible chip in the new regulators will automatically melt in case of fire to ensure that the valve is completely sealed.

This comes within the framework of the Government Accelerator 3/0, launched by Ajman Civil Defence, to achieve the desired results with respect to fire mortality indicators.