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Navel cadets find opportunities aplenty in the field of logistics and ports. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Thousands of high-school graduates and fresh talent in the UAE have found their calling in the maritime and logistics sector through a long-running initiative in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi.

The Education Interface Exhibition, organised by Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy (ADMA) and Abu Dhabi Ports, guides youth to academic pathways that match their abilities and orientation. The latest edition of the event, now in its ninth year, recently concluded at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

During its previous editions, the exhibition helped thousands of Emirati students determine their majors for higher studies after completing their high school.

As a Gold Sponsor, Abu Dhabi Ports and ADMA participated at the event to educate students about the logistics industry.

ADMA Director Dr Yaser Fouad Al Wahedi told Gulf News: “The exhibition is a pioneering platform that has proven effective over nine years in promoting awareness among students of the specialisations available after the end of their secondary studies. The participation of the academy in this exhibition is of great importance because it provides introductory programmes for students in the aspect of the supply industry, which serves the vital trade sector of the economy.”

Dr Yaser Fouad Al Wahedi

The UAE Cabinet, Ministry of Interior, and Abu Dhabi Ports were gold sponsors of the event.

Diversity of courses

Dr Al Wahedi said: “The Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy was officially established following the first meeting of the Board of Trustees in December 2019. The goal of its establishment was to achieve the vision of the wise leadership in establishing a knowledge economy under the umbrella of the Abu Dhabi Ports Group, to be the knowledge arm of the group that offers programmes in various fields of the supply industry.

“The academy’s various programmes cover all the needs of the supply industry. In the technical field, the academy offers programmes accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Federal Maritime Authority covering aspects of navigation sciences, marine engineering, and other areas such as ship traffic control, and security matters related to the maritime sector. It is offered to high school graduates and engineering majors from universities.”

He added that the academy also offers training programmes for holders of bachelor’s degrees about the financial, administrative and legal aspects of the supply industry.

Ready for field work

Emirati naval cadet Qasem Sulaiman Al Ameri told Gulf News: “I love working in the field of logistics and ports. These were my interests when I was still a high school student. After the end of this stage of study, and through the academy’s simulation centre, which I personally consider to be among the best in the world, I gained valuable experiences and expertise that made me mentally and physically prepared for field work.”

Qasem Sulaiman Al Ameri

Al Ameri added: “The academy also provided me with a unique opportunity to join one of the best shipping and logistics company in the world. I have benefited from scientific and academic services and gained practical experience while I am still a student.”

New dimensions

Another naval cadet Hamad Al Menhali said: “Since I was young, I have loved the marine sector, ports and logistics. When I got this opportunity through the education interface programme, I did not hesitate to join academic studies and practical programmes offered by the project.”

He added: “My journey through the academy included many unique elements that helped shape my personality, knowledge and skills. With the presence of world-class captains and senior engineers at the academy, their experiences opened windows for me to new dimensions in professional life that are not found in the books.

Hamad Al Menhali

“My journey with the academy gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with the largest international companies and institutions in the field of logistic services, and this helped me to gain significant experience and knowledge. I am really proud of my experience.”

In addition, the academy provides training programmes for professionals in the supply industry and conducts consulting studies for companies operating in this sector. Moreover, the academy has an “ambitious” research programme that aims to develop new technologies that contribute to the growth and modernisation of the industry,” the director said.