The lack of space dedicated for Friday prayers in International City has left worshippers with no choice but to pray outdoors. Gulf News reader Arif Rauof said: "Many pray in the middle of the street, thus causing heavy traffic congestion." Image Credit: Arif Rauof/Gulf News Reader

International City is a large community. Most of the people living in the area are Muslims. However, in the entire area, there is only one place where people can go for prayers every Friday.

[This] mosque is small, hot and has no parking spaces for residents. There are more than 800 people who go to the mosque to pray and not everyone can be accommodated.

Most of the people have to pray outside the mosque premises. Many pray in the middle of the street, thus causing heavy traffic congestion.

A lot of people, especially those who are not Muslims, are affected by this, because no one can drive down the road during prayer time.

The homes in International City are beautiful, but I would like to ask the authorities why they have not built more mosques in the area. At least one good, large mosque, would help. I urge the authorities and developers to build a large mosque for people in the area so that they are able to pray comfortably. I know of an allotted location for an upcoming mosque, but so far, there has been no progress in this regard.

I felt it was my duty to share this issue and I [hope] for a positive response from the authorities.

The reader is a sales representative, in Dubai.

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