A video grab of Viktoria Odintcova leaning out of the 306-metre Cayan Tower in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A video of a Russian model posing for a death-defying photoshoot on top of a Dubai Marina skyscraper has gone viral on social media, and people are criticizing it.

The 23-year-old visitor Viktoria Odintcova performed the stunt above the 1,004-foot tall Cayan Tower in Dubai without any safety gear. The Dubai Police, meanwhile, have launched a probe into the death-defying stunt.

Photos and videos from the photoshoot were published through her Instagram account where she is seen risking her life as she dangles off the world’s tallest twisted tower, while being held up only by one hand of a male assistant.

In the video, she is first seen tilting backwards over the huge drop before climbing slowly down onto the ledge to dangle above the ground.

Many people, including some of her three million Instagram followers, have criticized her for doing the stunt, calling her reckless and a bad example for the youth.

Other users said that no one should be risking their life for social-media likes or for fame.

The video was uploaded to her profile on December and has garnered more than one million views.

In a caption on one of her posts from the shoot, the model  admitted that she was nervous when she performed the stunt.

She wrote: “I still cannot believe that I did it. Every time I watch this video, my palms get sweaty.”