Samir Geepee in conversation with one of his many guests Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Wondering what to do this Thursday evening? Well, how about joining the Awesome Walkers? And no, we’re not referring to an awesome group of people that takes a walk to ring in the weekend. Rather, they talk the walk with a lot of awesomeness, as their torch-bearer Samir Geepee likes to put it.

A transformational coach, Geepee said he will strike a “deep conversation” with whiz kid Dunia Alhegelan, 7, in the latest of a series of talks, in the hope that her remarkable story will inspire those who listen to her.

According to him, “Conversations, unlike interviews or speeches, are of a free flowing format. Just like how life is. So in our conversation series, we don’t ask questions beforehand. Conversations are always from the heart and help reveal patterns of behaviour or moments of inspiration that cause people to lead an outstanding life.”

Extraordinary perseverance

Launched in July last year, Awesome Walkers has hosted over 70 speakers who are usually referred to by members of the group. “I know when someone has a story to tell. They are ordinary people with extraordinary perseverance, ” said Geepee. The mix of speakers is diverse and includes everyone from mountaineers and triathletes to entrepreneurs, philanthropists, or even mums or dads who have something to say.

The May 17 guest Dunia, for instance, is a super achiever who swims, does theatre, ballet, platform diving, soccer, chess, waterskiing, surfing and jiu jitsu, with award-winning feats. Last week, the group featured Sheetal Mulani, a mother who is healing from the loss of her son.

Geepee, who wears a pair of socks that don’t match - and encourages his guests to do the same - said they are symbolic of the idea behind Awesome Walkers. “We follow our own heart and embrace the individuality of someone’s existence. Different coloured socks on each foot represent this uniqueness.”

Those who attend the sessions say there are many takeaways. “At the end of the week when you want to put your feet up and relax, along comes a chance to just settle into ‘share’ mode. I found the concept inviting and authentic - where you meet like minds and warm hearts. The speakers are of course awesome and it’s also the audience that adds to the energy and growth. Lots to take home,” said one participant.

“Attending the weekly session of Awesome Walkers is the highlight of the week for me. I will not miss it if I can help it. This is getting a ringside view to listening to some of the most amazing stories of falling down nine times and getting up tenth,” said another.

The free weekly sessions host two guests, one male and the other female, over two hours. The conversations take place in a relaxed setting at Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Jumeirah Lake Towers.

For more details, go to www.samirgeepee.com