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How do we bring experiences in our life? Why do we manifest somethings but not others? Why are we afflicted with issues of stress, ill health and not-so-good feelings?

Well, life is an intricate interplay of events that goes on ceaselessly, and, in which, we have a lot of say in how we shape our experiences and manifestations. To understand this, we have to first understand how energy moves because we all are energy.

How does subtle (or invisible) energy move, change or travel to denser or visible forms as tangible manifestations?

Subtle to Dense: Chakra Energy

Let’s say you are inspired to create a piece of art or a piece of music. This idea is energy. The form is subtle; yet to take shape. This subtle energy is currently residing at your crown (sahasrara) chakra.

As you think more about your idea, that is, give attention, by the process of sifting, sorting, examining the idea, the more your start getting clarity and some form. The energy is getting denser now as it descends to your brow chakra (agya chakra). Note that the idea is still an invisible energy; that is, it can’t be seen, touched, smelled or tasted yet.

When you decide to move with the idea, convinced that you will create that art or that piece of furniture or write that book, you start transforming the energy by way of mulling on the idea, talking to self and/or with others, that is, start communicating the idea. It still exists in etheric form at your throat (vishuddhi) chakra.

If you intend to take your inspired idea further, you will assess how it ‘feels’, whether you feel comfortable with it or not. This assessment takes place at your heart (anahat) chakra centre. Heart chakra, governed by the element air, lends a ‘feeling’ form to the idea, however, there is no tangible form to the energy yet.

When you decide to nurture your idea with your ‘heart’ and ‘soul’, you want to take some action on it as well, that is, transform the idea into physical reality. So, you pick up your canvas and colours, or tune your musical instrument, or draw out the blueprint for that piece of architecture or your business vertical. This is the energy of solar plexus, governed by the element fire. Fire has a tangible form; you can see it, hear its crackle (sound), smell the ‘burn’, and of course, ‘feel’ its essence, the warmth. Just like fire, at solar plexus, your idea has taken a denser, more concrete form. How an idea shapes up, is directly proportional to the fire (attention) you have given it.

Reverse: Dense to Subtle

As your idea moves to a perceptible form, you are in the ‘flow’ of it and ‘water’ it further. Your energy is now dominant at the sacral chakra (governed by the element water with attributes of creative impulse and fluidity).

Finally, you finish your project; be it an artwork or a book or a gourmet meal or a business proposal. In its physicality, now it can be seen, tasted, touched and/or smelled and felt (energy of root chakra).

Everything that you ever created, or will create, follows this descending path. This principle applies to your thought processes too. Therefore, be aware of what you are creating every day with your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. They manifest.

Thoughts descend to become beliefs, beliefs descend to become programmes and through this programming, we act, experience life, and manifest. When there is manifestation of stress or aches or other disease (physical form), it is a call to check the ongoing thoughts (subtle energy form).

Changing thought-energy from limiting/negative to positive, takes time. It is a process. And hence, it is advised to give oneself at least 30-40 days in switching the gear; that is, moving from a descended, low, dense energy to a higher, that is, subtler energy which is good-feeling.

This reverse process is called ‘ascending’ the energy. Therefore, one should practice “raising” energy. This should be done without break, for at least up to 40 days, whatever modality one follows (mantra chant, or chakra meditation, or positive affirmations etc) Only when you shake off the old energy, you start ‘feeling’ the new one.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: