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A couple of years ago I was doing a story on 28-year-old Karan, a hearing and speech impaired vivacious person and how he lives life without excuses.

To research the story further, I went to a library where I searched for content to elevate his story and inspire others. That day, I was drawn to a book written by Gary Zukav (who I had heard on TV during my college days). A few days later, when I was in the library next, I got to pick a book for free, penned by spiritual speaker Dr Wayne Dyer (The library was giving away some books for free). Little did I realise then what was happening.

Those two books turned out to be instrumental in putting me on my spiritual path, which I consider my life purpose. As I reflect back on how the events unfolded, I understand the true meaning of the cosmic truth, the oft quoted phrase: “When you light a path for others, your own path gets lit up.”

This has held true for me time and again, not just in the case of Karan. Every time I have helped someone, I haven’t failed to notice how the incident has helped me to grow and expand in my own consciousness in a manner that is multi-folded, meaning, in an all-knowing way that needs no external validation.

We are one

What is this experience? It is nothing but the phenomenon of interconnectedness.

We are not separate from each other. Separation is just an illusion in this physicality. (It has its own role to play but more on that later). If we open up our hearts, we will find a connect. This is the same connect that a mother can feel when breastfeeding her child. Or a father, when he embraces his loved ones and feels the ‘coolness’ in his own heart. Or the magnetic attraction that is felt between two individuals without having the need to speak. The examples and instances can vary. The point being, when we do things for others, our heart opens up to our innate goodness. This is expansion. This physical world gives the human race a chance to elevate their goodness, raise their vibration. But often times, people are indifferent to others and disconnected from their own positive emotions. This is because of closure of their compassionate hearts.

Compassion lived

Compassion is an awareness to know how you are treating others. This is also indicative of how you treat yourself. At subtle energy level, we are all the same and connected. Therefore, how one feels, affects others.

Sometimes, individuals not only lack compassion but are also physically abusive. This reflects a lack of compassion for oneself. When the heart is closed, ego and fear reside in a great degree. The result of living in fear is circulating that fear. And as one knows, what you give is what you get back; fear comes back to express in reality. Such a situation is a call for help.

Indifference, as is meted out to Mother Earth, and manifested in polluting environments, cruelty to animals and other beings is due to one’s indifference towards the love of life itself. Ego and fear are sapping energies that limit one from living life. In heart meditation, when you delve deep into your own issues, your path opens up.

Open your heart

One can also open up hearts by reaching out and helping others with the feeling of kindness and love, or by spending more time in nature. The more one connects with nature, the more one heals. In the grandness of the mountains, in the energy of the river that moves it, in the beauty of flowers and the dance of leaves, in the wind, in the shine of the sun, one can understand there are greater forces at work, than the power a person thinks s/he wields.

As you sit to meditate, centre yourself and focus on your heart. Invoke the energy of love and compassion. Feel them. Breathe them. Ask: “What does compassion mean to me? How can I be compassionate to myself? How can compassion guide my path?”

Do not force answers, those will be the work of the mind. Stay focused on your heart. Breathe, go easy and let the answers come to you. Answers will most definitely come, if the mind is quiet. This may take a little practice for beginners.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: