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When we live our life purpose, we live in a state of contentment. Life purpose gives a person a sense of direction. But how do we know what our life purpose is? Your purpose must be grand to you, which simply means, it should give you joy and happiness. People who have difficulty finding a life purpose are guided by choices they make when they are in a happy state. So, register your thoughts when you are in that state and take note of your action pattern. These will give you clues to your purpose.

Living Life Purpose

Happiness is a state of contentment; a state where you feel life is good and you want to live it and not when you have a list of complaints. Everyone is guided towards their purpose.

There will be times when life purpose has been found but financial struggle keeps one from living it. How does one make peace with that? Well, all one has to do is to hone their skills and the best will come. Stay on the path. The path becomes the guide and the motivator. Do not give up.

Life purpose doesn’t have to be grand or great as these terms are generally perceived. Sometimes tending a garden, or growing vegetables and fruits, and serving people with them, can be the purpose.

There is a difference between having a grand ‘dream’ and purpose. A dream can be motivated by materialistic acquisitions. Life purpose is driven by joy and happiness. The two might differ. If you are chasing your dream — which is driven by materialistic gains — you will feel tired. Life purpose energises you.

We all strive for happiness and chase that goal. All the actions are driven to enjoy the happy state of being. All the choices are made driven by happiness. Life purpose should also be lived in the state of happiness.

Happiness is Living Your Calling

Some people are continually motivated driven by their life purpose and feel happy. For them, happiness is not momentary. A lot of things happen during the day, constantly moulding your state of being-ness i.e. your emotional states. Sometimes you experience joy, other times, not. It is all about experiences you call forth and choose to live.

What is happiness, one might ask. Happiness is where you are at the present moment. This implies where you are in your connection to self. How connected you are energetically to yourself, how well you are living in your own space.

Often times we find living in other person’s space, meaning, frequently thinking of others. It could be from the space of attraction or repulsion, expectation or complaint, admiration or hurt. These rob you of living your sweet and meaningful life and the life to be lived in the present. Living in the space of others is akin to doing injustice to your own life purpose as the energy expended in that, can be channelled into this (living the life purpose).

Happiness is known to everybody. It is not elusive so long as one lives their purity, i.e. live without regrets, and in forgiveness, live without complaints and in appreciation or live without expectations and in gratitude.

In living their life purpose, one can find happiness.

— Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: