A car at Tecom adorned with cards offering “massage and relaxation” services Image Credit: SUPPLIED

Dubai: Tecom residents are crying foul over what they call a “masseur menace” in car parks.

Officegoers, shoppers and residents living in the area said massage parlours and freelance masseurs and masseuses turn their car windows into veritable billboards by sticking their business cards in them.

“I just have to go into the supermarket for 10 minutes and there will be at least five to six cards on my car,” said Rima, a Lebanese resident, as she headed towards the Robinson Supermarket.

Deepa Bhatia, an Indian businesswoman working in the area, said the cards appear at any time of the day. “I visit my workplace at different times of the day and these cards will pop up every time. I have found at least a dozen cards on either side at times and it is such a nuisance.”

Chris, a finance executive working in the Grosvenor Business Tower, said: “I can pick and choose if I like considering the number of cards that appear on my car. It’s really crazy, especially when I hear about how some parlours are fronts for dubious activities. I wish they would leave us and our vehicles alone.”

Another office-goer Prateek recounted how he had to take his car to a mechanic after some cards slipped inside and got stuck in the vehicle’s window frame. “Residents said the cards invariably have mobile numbers listed on them with pictures of partially dressed men and women. They offer a range of “massage and relaxation” services with Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and Moroccan options.

One card from a “spa” says it is open from 10am to 1.30am. Another centre offers its services till 12.30am.

Bhatia said she has waited in a corner on some occasions to see who could be placing the cards. “I saw a couple of men once. I don’t know who is doing this and how they manage to fill up so many car windows with so many cards in such a short time.”

Chris said people prefer to use the open car park because it is free. “But I guess we are paying a price for it by putting up with the masseur menace.”