Lucco Racing team Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI After having claimed the coveted Radical Middle East Cup 2016 title, Dubai-based Lucco Racing Team are eyeing international success as they prepare for a strenuous season ahead.

Team Lucco Racing - Ludovic Loffreda and Romain Lutter - earned seven victories off the 12 races in the season to seal the title with 229 points while the latter also claimed the best driver title.

Stay focused

The triumph meant the French duo are now ready to raise the bar shifting their focus on international events. “This is definitely a stepping stone for Lucco Racing,” said Lutter.

“We have already set our sights on our next race in Belgium on the legendary Spa Francorchamps race track where the Radical European Masters series starts from May. From there we will straight away prepare for our endurance programme – the Gulf 12H and Dubai 24H. “We are indeed delighted to clinch both the titles this year. It was an intense battle all throughout the season, but Ludovic and I managed to stay focused and finally reach our goal. We always said that we want to compete at the highest level, and this is a testimony to our intentions to become a successful UAE racing team.

“We would like to thank our sponsors who truly supported us this year, and they represent a big part of this success,” added Lutter.

The team will be taking a short break before they hit the tracks again for training at the Dubai Autodrome in a few weeks.

“We train at the Dubai Autodrome, as it is really convenient for us. Even though by now we know the track really well, there is always something to work on our car, and find a couple of tenths here and there,” he said.

The duo who work full time in Dubai feel that the key to their success has been a balanced schedule. “It’s all about being organised during your work week, making sure that you are on top of things before you go to the race track. You shouldn’t have any pending issues when you are headed to your race weekend because once you put on your helmet, there is nothing other than the race itself to think about.

“Once on the track, we have a clear working programme to go through, so Ludovic and I share the duties and go from there,” Lutter said.