Litter strewn on the footpaths. Image Credit: Melquiades Masalunga/Gulf News reader

Dubai Littering in public places will soon result in heavy penalties being imposed on offenders. The Dubai Municipality preparing to enforce a 2003 order following an awareness campaign.

Violations will include spitting and throwing chewing gum on the street, an official from Dubai Municipality said Thursday.

The civic body has launched a campaign to make people aware about Local Order No 11 of 2003.

According to the order, it is prohibited to throw, deposit, drain, release or discharge any waste material in public places other than those designated for such purpose in any manner other than those approved by the competent authority.

The waste management department of Dubai Municipality will penalise those who throw garbage in public places, spit betel juice on the road or commit other violations that dirty public places.

Abdul Majid Al Saifaie, Director of the Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality, said: "The penalty will be implemented only after successful execution of awareness programmes designed by the civic body."

The order particularly prohibits throwing litter on the street from vehicles and spitting on the road.

Waste water

Additionally, disposal of building and demolition waste, waste water, used oil, is not allowed in places other than those designated for the purpose.

Waste water resulting from the washing of vehicles at places that are not designated, condensate water dripping from air-conditioning units and disposal of waste by open burning are also prohibited, according to the rules.

The civic body has launched an awareness campaign aimed at educating individuals and shops in the commercial areas in Deira about the penalties for the violations under the Local Order No 11 of 2003 concerning these violations.

In preparation of the implementation of the order, a voluntary team comprising municipality employees has been formed to take care of awareness activities in the Deira area.