Rijo Thomas Jose found out he won after checking his email Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Will you call it lucky or unlucky when you miss Dh100 million in a raffle by just one number, but win Dh250,000?

Well, this was a unique situation that an Indian national experienced last weekend when Emirates Draw announced the winners of its latest MEGA7 Main Draw.

A resident of the south Indian state of Kerala, Rijo Thomas Jose narrowly missed the Dh100 million by just one number. Instead, he claimed the second prize of Dh250,000, Emirates Draw said.

Jose said he could not believe he had won Dh250,000. “I got to know about my win through email and could not believe my eyes that I won such a big amount,” he added.

Supporting students

The 37-year-old entrepreneur runs his family’s educational institute business in India. “Running educational institutions can be very tough, but I am really proud that our colleges help students follow their dreams,” he said.

Jose has been participating in Emirates Draw for over a year, and his dream is to win the Dh100 million Grand Prize.

“If I ever win that Grand Prize, I want to help students whose parents can’t afford to send them to good schools because of money problems.”

His goal is to support them in getting qualified and having the opportunity to succeed in life and his mission is to ensure they receive quality education and a promising future.