Dubai residents wait for their turn at a typing centre in Al Barsha One. Image Credit: ABDEL-KRIM KALLOUCHE/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The deadline for Dubai residents to apply for an Emirates ID card has been extended until June 30, the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) announced in a statement on Saturday.

The extension has been granted so that individuals over the age of 15, mainly low-skilled workers, who have still to apply for their ID cards, do not have to pay delay fees, Dr Ali Al Khoury, director general at the Eida, told Gulf News.

“The Eida also received various requests through its website and social media platforms asking for an extension. On the last day of the previous deadline of May 31, nearly 67,000 application forms for Emirates ID cards were filled out,” he said.

“Till date, nearly 90 per cent of the emirate’s population have already applied for Emirates IDs,” he added.

Residents in Dubai however complained of long queues at typing centres that are registered to carry out Emirates ID application processes. They also told Gulf News that the online form available on the Eida website had failed to accept applications close to the May 31 deadline.

When asked, Dr Al Khoury said certain system delays may have occurred due to the huge volumes of application forms being filled out on a daily basis. A statement sent by the Eida also attributed the crowds at Dubai-based typing centres in the last week of May to people’s tendency to wait until the last minute to comply with requirements. In May alone, 1 million forms were filled out, representing the highest number of applications in a month since registration began in 2005.

“The online registration form, on the other hand, requires a specific type of web browser that is compatible with the Eida system, and also rejects application forms if scanned documents are not of adequate quality and clarity,” the Eida director general explained.


Failure to apply for an ID card before the revised deadline will invite delay fees of Dh20 per day per individual from July 1, up to a maximum amount of Dh 1,000.

As of the previous deadline for registration in Dubai, 90 to 95 per cent of residents across the UAE over the age of 15 years are believed to have applied for an Emirates ID.

Children below the age of 15 years, on the other hand, must apply for Emirates IDs before October 1, while residents whose residency visas expire this year can apply for the ID cards when renewing their visas.

“There is a certain segment of residents, including adults, who have as yet found it difficult to apply, owing to certain disabilities or other concerns. Eida is currently considering various ways in which we can facilitate registration processes for these residents, including visiting them at their homes,” Dr Al Khoury said.

In addition, the authority is also working to introduce a simpler online Emirates ID application form within the next two months, he added.