190801 dubai dolphinarium
File picture: Dubai Dolphinarium Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Instagram have put a notification in place when you search using the hashtag Dubai Dolphinarium on their platform.

It follows the case of a video going viral on social media last Wednesday of an instructor riding a dolphin while it was laying on the hard poolside floor.

Animal rights groups were quick to label the incident an act of abuse and now it seems Instagram thinks so too.

“Protect Wildlife on Instragram,” reads the notice when you click on the Dubai Dolphinarium hashtag. “Animal abuse and the sale of endangered animals or their parts is not allowed on Instagram,” the notice adds.

“You are searching for a hashtag that may be associated with posts that encourage harmful behaviour to animals or the environment,” it says before giving the user an option to ‘learn more’, ‘show posts’ or ‘cancel’.

When Gulf News contacted Dubai Doplhinarium last Thursday, they said they were waiting before sending an official statement regarding the video because they are “waiting for Dubai Municipality’s decision.

“The Municipality is handling the case,” a spokesperson added.

Although the Dolphinarium is a private entity it is located within the grounds of Creek Park which is managed by the municipality.

Gulf News has approached Dubai Dolphinarium again for a follow up comment after Instagram’s notification.