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Masih Imtiaz

Imtiaz Developments is a benchmark for the real estate sector here in the UAE. What is the brand’s USP?

Imtiaz Developments, a frontrunner in the UAE’s real estate sector, distinguishes itself through innovation, quality, and a customer-focused approach. Their unique selling proposition (USP) is their dedication to creating affordable yet premium properties that encapsulate elegance and convenience. By adapting swiftly to market fluctuations and seizing emerging opportunities, they maintain a competitive edge.

Imtiaz Developments goes beyond just constructing buildings; they craft vibrant communities. A case in point is their latest project, Westwood by Imtiaz, a prime location residence with world-class amenities reflecting their commitment to enhancing lifestyle experiences. In essence, Imtiaz Developments offers the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and community, all while providing real value for its investors and end-users.

Offering curated and personalised living spaces is now a thing for real estate developers. How does Imtiaz Developments stand out in the crowd through its projects?

Imtiaz Developments breaks the mold with personalised, luxurious living spaces balancing convenience and community. Their project, Westwood by Imtiaz, is a prime example, serving as a lifestyle destination within the lively yet tranquil Al Furjan. Beyond its striking architecture and state-of-the-art design, Westwood by Imtiaz’s proximity to key attractions, and The Gardens metro station enhances its appeal.

The residences, fully furnished and smartly designed, embody elegance and comfort. Nearby mosques, sports facilities, a retail centre, schools, open spaces, and parks, create a serene, family-oriented atmosphere. Imtiaz Developments distinguishes itself by innovatively crafting residences that resonate with modern urban needs. Notably, due to the team’s extraordinary expertise, Westwood’s handover is now ahead of schedule, planned for the first week of October 2023, three months earlier than the original December 2023 date.

How is the UAE real estate sector developing in terms of services rendered by players and how is Imtiaz Developments supportive of this change?

As the UAE real estate sector evolves, companies are diversifying services and enhancing customer care. Among these, Imtiaz Developments stands out, not only creating properties but offering comprehensive asset management and hospitality services. The company’s innovative asset management solutions cater to the complexity of managing real estate investments, providing expert guidance and unique, adaptable products. These aid investors in seeking growth in unconventional sectors, enhancing both short-term and long-term profitability.

Furthermore, Imtiaz takes pride in its all-inclusive approach to hospitality. With vast experience in residential and commercial building development, the company delivers exceptional hospitality services, from conceptualisation to startup. Their dedication to this integrated approach doesn’t merely support the changing UAE real estate sector but drives it forward, proving a real estate company can excel across a diverse service portfolio, setting new industry benchmarks.

As a multidisciplinary powerhouse in the field of real estate and development, what are the challenges you foresee for the brand in your capacity as company lead, in the months and years to come?

Imtiaz Developments will face several challenges. Market volatility and economic fluctuations require careful monitoring and strategic decision-making, necessitating robust economic forecasting. Compliance with local and global regulatory changes in the real estate sector is vital, demanding constant vigilance. As concerns about climate change increase, demand for sustainable, eco-friendly developments is growing, which requires a balance between environmental responsibility and commercial viability.

Technological innovations offer opportunities and challenges; staying abreast of advancements in building practices and customer service is critical for maintaining a competitive edge. As customers’ expectations evolve, meeting and surpassing their needs in terms of quality, amenities, and services will be crucial. These hurdles, while significant, can be managed by Imtiaz Developments due to its proven adaptability, innovation, and customer-centric approach, placing it in a strong position to navigate the future.