Hope and Pickle

Hi, I’m Hope!

Please read mine and Pickle’s story. We are looking for that one amazing family that will be there for us through thick and thin. In the words of my original namesake, the great Bruno Mars, we want a family who will say: ‘When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, ‘cause you’re amazing, just the way you are.’ And we are just that - amazing!

I was found in April 2013 on the day of the Bruno Mars concert in Dubai trying to cross that ridiculously busy Al Wasl Road. I was only five weeks old. So, naturally, the first name I had needed to be Bruno.

Needless to say my tiny size and cute looks helped me get adopted in no time. So I went to live with a very nice American family. They got all these toys and a nice soft bed for me and I thought: “Yeah, I’m such a lucky girl; from rags to riches.”

Then I don’t know what happened because a few months later they returned me saying I was aggressive. Me? Aggressive? I was crazy and playful like all kittens, definitely, but not aggressive.

So that’s how I found myself living in a cage at the vet for the first time, waiting for a foster home to become available or for someone to adopt me. A month later, a very nice lady called Janine offered me a foster home and that’s where I met my buddy, Pickle.

Pickle was a tiny, lonely kitten just asking to be run over on the streets of Mirdif and that’s when this nice lady Janine rescued him and took him home and that’s where he met me!

So here we are: Hope and Pickle.

We met at our foster home and became best friends from the very first moment we set eyes on each other. We did everything together: play, eat and sleep. We were always side by side and one day we went to an adoption day together and found our forever home together.

A rescue story with a happy ending one might say, but wait! One day about a year later, our family decided they didn’t want us anymore as they were expecting a baby, so we got returned. Since then we have been sitting in a cage at the vet waiting and waiting and waiting.

It’s been a few months now and we keep watching the door – hoping our real forever family will walk through it and take us home and love us. We miss being able to run around freely and have cuddles and playtime whenever we want. We are well cared for where we are, but we are missing that special relationship that you only get when you know that you are loved forever, unconditionally. So can you help us get out of our cage? We haven’t been bad, just incredibly unlucky. Please help us turn our fortunes around. We don’t want you to catch a grenade for us, just love us!

For more information about Hope and Pickle, please click here or contact 38 Smiles in Dubai at info@38smiles.com