Dubai: Surgeons at Zulekha Hospital Dubai have successfully excised a rare nasal chondroma, a benign cartilaginous tumour, in a 43-year-old patient.

This is a rare case as globally the number of cases of nasal chondroma have not exceeded 120, said a surgeon at the hospital.

The patient, Xavier visited the hospital with a history of nasal blockage and discharge for over six months. The CT scans of the patient’s nasal sinuses indicated a clear mass growing within his nostril that had destroyed a part of his nasal septum said Dr Manoj, specialist surgeon for ear, nose and throat (ENT) at the hospital.

Following an evaluation of the case, Dr Manoj called for a biopsy of the infection which revealed an extensive lesion two days before the surgery, the patient was put on higher injectable antibiotics and IV steroids for managing the infection and regressing the tumour size following which a team of ENT surgeons including Dr Manoj, Dr Naveen Gupta and Dr Masood Ansari, excised the tumour in its entirety, conducting an endoscopic sinus surgery. The patient was kept stable with the help of Dr Dhananjay Sanjekar, specialist anaesthetist. The patient was discharged after two days and was able to resume work after the seventh post-operative day.”

Expressing his thankfulness to the hospital team, the patient said: “I have been relieved from a very stressful situation with this surgery when I could not sleep at night and that disturbed my daily schedule. After having visited many hospitals, the doctors at Zulekha Hospital were able to arrive at the right diagnosis and surgery.

Following the surgery, Xavier has regained regular nasal functioning and displays no nasal abnormalities. The patient was also advised to receive post-operative radiation and to attend regular follow-ups as the recurrence rate is high for tumours arising from cartilaginous tissue.