Participants at the event at Zabeel Park in Dubai on Saturday Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

Dubai: Residents joined the Walk for Food event in Zabeel Park in Dubai on Saturday to take pledges for promoting food safety.

Organised by the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality, the event supported the ‘I Pledge to Food Safety’ campaign recently launched by the civic body. The Municipality aims to register at least 1 million pledges, mostly from anyone who cooks or handles food. The awareness drive shares tips on food safety.

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On Saturday, many fitness activities were held as part of the event at the park. A fitness instructor at the event said: “To be fit, working out will not benefit you without proper food intake. Hence, it is important to have food safety in our daily consumption.”

The “five pillars” of the pledge were emphasised during the programme, namely: Clean it (washing and disinfection), Set them apart (preventing cross contamination during shopping, storage and preparation), Heat it up (Proper cooking of food), Keep it Cool (keeping food chilled within 2 hours) and Eggxactly (proper preparation, handling and consumption of eggs).