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The 11th edition of Pink Caravan Ride will begin across the UAE on February 4, coinciding with World Cancer Day. File photo for illustrative purpose only

Sharjah: The 11th edition of Pink Caravan Ride (PCR), a breast cancer awareness initiative of UAE-based non-profit organisation, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), will kick-off its annual ride around the seven emirates on February 4, coinciding with World Cancer Day.

Pink Caravan Ride which run until February 10 will raise awareness on the most prominent and preventable types of cancer, including breast, skin, colon, prostate and testicular cancer, in addition to childhood and cervical cancer.

There will free breast cancer medical screenings throughout the nationwide ride, including clinical, ultrasound, and mammograms for both women and men, aiding in dispelling the myth that men can’t get breast cancer.

Equestrians interested in taking part in the pan-UAE awareness campaign can register on FOCP website.

Concerted efforts

Reem BinKaram, chairperson of Pink Caravan Ride Higher Steering Committee, noted that the 11th edition’s start date coincides with World Cancer Day, which highlights the importance of concerted societal and global efforts to fight the disease as well as raising awareness of ways to combat cancer, including early detection, regular self-examination and leading a healthy lifestyle in general.

She said: “The annual ride draws strength and support from the Emirati society. Every equestrian, individual, institution, and location that participates in the Pink Caravan Ride raises our motivation levels and empowers us to continue our monumental task of raising community awareness and enhancing the quality of life for all.”

“We are part of a community known for its virtues and giving, this is part of our identity and asserts our conviction that the annual ride through the seven emirates will once again yield amazing results, strengthening the UAE and its communities,” BinKaram added.

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400,000 work hours

Since 2011, PCR has been riding across the seven emirates annually to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer, offering free medical consultation and screening to UAE residents. To date, 910 volunteers have dedicated over 400,000 work hours, 820 equestrians from many different nations have travelled more than 1,950 kms, and 986 PCR medical clinics have conducted over 75,000 free screenings, including 13,000 screenings for men.

The generated donations throughout the annual equestrian ride are dedicated to raising community awareness and providing the latest medical equipment for early detection screening for women and men in the UAE.