Over 164,000 students have already enrolled in the wider school health programme led by EHS Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: At 313 public schools in the UAE, campus-based healthcare has now been electronically linked with Emirates Health Services (EHS), enabling faster processing time for vaccines and secure exchange of student medical files.

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The government schools, located in Dubai, Fujairah and other places, are linked to the EHS preventive school health programme, as the first phase of a wider initiative aimed at promoting the well-being of pupils. Over 164,000 students have already enrolled in the programme.

Two-way information exchange is facilitated through electronic health records, “ensuring seamless care transitions”, EHS said. So far, EHS has successfully administered over 170,000 vaccine doses as part of the National Immunisation Programme for school students. Electronic documentation has streamlined the vaccination process, reducing individual student processing time to under five minutes.

EHS has designed the programme to cater to the “full spectrum” of students’ health, physical, mental, and preventive needs. Each student benefits from a dedicated database and electronic medical file, containing their medical history and a comprehensive record of all healthcare services and preventive measures received.

Electronic integration is effective in accurately identifying the health needs of students, in addition to improving communication between all stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and medical teams.