During a DHA inspection visit to a private school clinic
During a DHA inspection visit to a private school clinic Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has started field visits to inspect health clinics in private schools in Dubai.

The objective of these inspections is to assess the readiness of the clinics and ensure their compliance with the regulations and standards established by DHA.

The visits are carried out in collaboration and coordination with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai.

The DHA began the visits with a team of officials and specialists at the start of the new academic year 2023/2024.

Compliance monitoring

The inspections are consider all aspects of the school clinics, including the ratio of doctors and nurses to student numbers.

Moreover, the visits also verify the presence of necessary equipment such as automatic external defibrillators, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, diagnostic equipment, oxygen cylinders, as well as essential first-aid supplies.

The visits also encompass required periodic maintenance of medical devices and equipment, along with assessing the overall safety of the health clinics and their surrounding environment.

Comprehensive regulations

Faris Al Mazmi, director of the Clinical Audit and Control Department at DHA’s Health Regulation Sector, said DHA has comprehensive regulations and requirements that govern the health clinics in private schools to ensure the health and safety of pupils.

Al Mazmi added that these field visits are carried out in cooperation with the specialised inspection teams and school administrations.

He said the goal of the inspections is to consistently ensure medical preparedness, particularly for handling emergencies that necessitate immediate intervention on school premises. It is also intended to ensure that the medical clinics in private schools provide the highest level of medical services.