DHA answers questions on Instagram
DHA answers questions on Instagram Image Credit: Screenshot/@dha_dubai Instagram

Dubai: Why have health authorities asked residents to stay home? Why did the UAE close schools and malls in the country? The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) took to Instagram to answer frequently asked questions from people regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

From their official handle @dha_dubai, the government body uploaded a multiple picture post wherein they answered questions in order to educate the public on the current coronavirus situation in the country.

They uploaded the post with the caption: “Our commitment today will help us in the best stage. #StayHome.”

Questions answered…

The first question they tackled was: “Why did most countries including the UAE close all malls gyms etc… and asked the public to stay home?”

To which they responded that since scientists are trying to find a cure to fight the virus, “home quarantine and physical distancing remains the best measure to fight the virus and prevent its spread”.

The goal of staying home is to “prevent contact between confirmed cases and healthy people”, thus limiting the spread of coronavirus.

The second question they answered was: “Why have heath authorities in the country called on the public to stay home for two weeks, which may be extended at a later stage?”

They responded that symptoms of COVID-19 take “two weeks to appear…. Called the incubation period”. Therefore, people have been asked to stay home to avoid spreading coronavirus to others.

Online reactions

Instagram users found the information useful and praised the DHA for their initiative.

Instagram user @zreikkhodjimatova posted: “Thanks a lot for all team member of DHA! Please stay safe and take care!”

And user @polkadotcat4 posted: “Good summary thank you ....”

Current statistics in the UAE

The total number of cases diagnosed in the country is now 3, 736. There have been 588 recoveries and 20 deaths so far. The UAE National Disinfection Programme was extended across the country.