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Burjeel Medical City offers expert care to women at all stages of life by treating a wide spectrum of health conditions

Burjeel Medical City is setting new standards of caring for women by providing integrated and comprehensive healthcare solutions to its patients. Through Western-board-certified doctors and highly skilled medical professionals, this Abu Dhabi hospital offers a full range of world-class health services for women at their stages of life. These services include treatments for gynecological disorders, high-risk pregnancies, fetal medicine and intrauterine fetal surgery, gynecological cancers, cardiovascular disease, and endocrine disorders. BMC is equipped with advanced infrastructural facilities along with the latest technologies and is working towards improving outcomes for women by focusing on preventive healthcare and offering leading-edge treatments.

Dr. Yoginee Sonawane, Specialist Radiation Oncology, Burjeel Medical City

Tackling gynaecological issues

Through Burjeel Farha, its exclusive women’s and children’s division, Burjeel Medical City offers expert care to women in the UAE and beyond. The specialists at the hospital understand that women have different gynecological needs throughout their lives and work to support them at every stage of their reproductive health. The gynecological service offers everything from routine check-ups, including breast and gynecological exams, to advanced screenings and treatments. A team of highly skilled fertility and reproductive medicine specialists offer solutions for women facing fertility issues. The hospital has expertise in offering individualized care for a wide range of gynecological problems including acute and chronic pelvic infections, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, PCOS, and menopause.

Dr. Shimaa Elsabee, Radiology Specialist, Burjeel Medical City

Burjeel Farah provides compassionate care for women throughout the pre-conception, prenatal and postpartum periods. Expectant mothers are given the highest level of care as the health of the mother and baby becomes the focus throughout the pregnancy period. This includes management of high-risk pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, fetal growth restriction, obstetric complications, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and gestational diabetes. A multidisciplinary team of obstetricians, gynecologists, and midwives give individualized, patient-centric care during childbirth and postpartum periods. The hospital provides a range of birthing services, including natural birth, water birth, and cesarean section, as well as post-birth services, including lactation support and postpartum care.

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Specialists in foetal medicine

Fetal medicine is another area of specialization at Burjeel Medical City that helps to detect and manage early complications. The Kypros Nicolaides Fetal Medicine and Therapy Center at the hospital has a team of fetal medicine consultants who are trained to provide care to women in high-risk pregnancies. They utilize the latest technological advances in diagnostics and intervention to offer a wide range of services to patients, including a dating scan at 11-14th week, screening for chromosomal disorders, anomaly scan, growth and doppler scan, cervical length scan, uterine artery doppler scan, and screening for fetal malformation. Therapeutic invasive procedures such as in-utero spina bifida repair, fetoscopic laser separation of the placenta, fetoscopic endotracheal occlusion, fetal blood transfusion, shunt insertion and other in-utero procedures are offered at the center.

Dr. Reem Elbakri, Consultant Psychiatry, Burjeel Medical City

Cancer care for women

The hospital has a world-class team of oncologists that offers an integrated approach to the diagnosis and management of breast cancer and gynecological cancers. The hospital provides comprehensive treatment for breast cancer and other breast-related conditions in women through a dedicated breast care clinic. Preventive measures like mammograms and diagnostic imaging as well as non-surgical and surgical treatments like radiation therapy, lumpectomy, and breast reconstruction are some of the services offered at the hospital. Women with breast cancer can benefit from multi-disciplinary care from various specialties, such as medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, pathology, radiology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and palliative care.

Salam Sagheer, Clinical Dietician, Burjeel Medical City

The hospital offers a range of advanced and minimally invasive treatments for gynecological cancers, including cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer. Under the care of top gynecologic oncologists, treatments are tailored to each patient while ensuring the highest possible quality of life for the patient. Apart from radiation therapy and chemotherapy, surgical procedures like laser surgery, cone biopsy, simple hysterectomy, and radical hysterectomy are available.

Treating lifestyle diseases

Burjeel Medical City offers comprehensive treatment and diagnostic services to prevent and manage a wide range of women’s health conditions and diseases. Women are affected by a number of chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and osteoporosis. The hospital’s Western-board-certified cardiologists work to prevent and treat heart diseases and conditions in women. They offer comprehensive cardiology care, consultation, comprehensive evaluation, and optimal medical and surgical management of diseases of the heart and circulatory system. Diabetes also increases the risk of heart disease in women. Prediabetes, gestational diabetes, and type 1 and type 2 diabetes are prevented and managed through counseling and medication. The Weight Management Clinic at the hospital is a comprehensive program that helps women achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The clinic provides a range of services, including nutrition counseling, physical activity counseling, lifestyle modification, and non-invasive and minimally invasive weight-loss solutions. Older women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis, which is a condition that causes bones to become brittle and weak. Leading orthopedic experts at the hospital help patients with preventive treatments and therapies to increase bone density.

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