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Dr Syed Younus Iftikhar, Chairman of Midland Doctors speaking at an awareness event in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Midland Doctors humanitarian efforts in Pakistan were lauded at an awareness event recently held in Dubai.

Hundreds of supporters of the Midland Doctors — an organisation formed by a group of British-Pakistani doctors and registered in Dubai — attended the event which showcases the humanitarian work being done back home by the expat Pakistani doctors.

The Midland Doctors has been providing healthcare services to the poor and needy in different regions of Pakistan through the Midland Doctors Medical Institute in Pakistan administered Kashmir and various medical camps. The hospital provides a wide range of services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, maternity care, and treatment for chronic diseases.

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Dr Syed Yousuf Iftikhar, Dr javed Raza and Dr Asrar Rashid, Trustees of Midland Doctors during an awareness event Image Credit: Supplied

The organisation mainly relies on donations to fund its work while volunteers play a vital role in supporting the organisation which runs on minimal expenses on administration.

The event was attended by prominent members of the business community and medical professionals in the UAE. The organisation received immense support for the humanitarian efforts by the Trustees headed by Chairman of Midlnad Doctors Dr Syed Yusuf Iftikhar and Vice Chairman Dr Javed Ahmed Raza.

Noble cause

The organisation founded in 2005, was registered with the Charity Commission in the UK by a group of British-Pakistani doctors who were inspired to make a difference after the devastating earthquake that hit Pakistan that year. The organisation was also registered with the International Humanitarian City in Dubai in 2018 under the management of Dr Asrar Rashid.

The charity has received recognition for its work through a close partnership with the Edhi Foundation, WHO (Immunization Hub), SOS and Reed Foundation and APNA (Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America).