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“Wellth has all alternative therapies under one roof”

Dr Khalid Shukri, Physician, Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine and Functional and Metabolic Medicine

What is Wellth and how is it different from other wellness centres?

Wellth is a unique health experience. At Wellth we believe in good medicine which incorporates any medical practices that are proved to improve health and improve the lifestyle of our visitors. Unlike other health clinics – Wellth has all alternative therapies under one roof. Our clinicians thoroughly discuss cases to assess various treatment modalities and create the optimum treatment plan. This allows Functional medicine doctors to work directly with homeopaths and chiropractors. Your treatment may also be split between different areas of medicine like osteopathy and ayurveda.

Dr Khalid Shukri, Physician, Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine

Wellth also has cutting edge innovative technology and best in class devices to aid patient recovery. This could include getting cryotherapy, infrared treatment, ozone therapy and IV laser therapy. It could also involve getting medicines to improve the speed of recovery of a muscle strain, or even post-surgical recovery, anti-aging benefits, improve detox, immunity and boosting energy and performance.

Patients that attend Wellth can benefit from many kinds of treatments that will improve their life. Wellth does not only treat sick patients but also provides preventive medicine to help people stay healthy. Getting IV therapy to boost nutrient levels and improve vitality, or boosting gut health to imprive mental clarity and energy levels are some of the preventive methods Wellth commonly promotes for maintaining good health.

What is functional medicine? How can it help reverse chronic diseases/disorders?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of disease. This approach is based on the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, and that by addressing the underlying causes of disease, rather than just treating symptoms, it is possible to help the body achieve optimal health.

Functional medicine practitioners take a personalized approach to care, spending time with patients to understand their unique history, environment, and lifestyle. They use a systems-oriented approach to evaluate the interactions between various body systems, and look for the root causes of illness, including genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

Conventional medicine, on the other hand applies a more symptom-based approach that focuses on managing symptoms to treat diseases or conditions. Conventional practitioners often rely on medications or surgery to treat symptoms and manage diseases, rather than identifying and addressing the underlying causes. They also tend to focus on specific body parts or systems rather than the whole person.

Functional medicine practitioners often work in collaboration with conventional medical practitioners and may refer patients for further testing or conventional treatments when necessary. While conventional medicine may be more effective in treating acute conditions, functional medicine is better suited for treating chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, metabolic disorders, and mental health conditions.

In summary, functional medicine is a holistic biology-based approach to complex, multifaceted health disorders.

At Wellth, we perform thorough assessments using Biocommunication scan, OligoScan and Bioresonance, which provide a detailed look into the overall health of the patient. A customised and tailored plan is then created for our patients based on their health needs.

Wellth also offers longevity programmes based on the true biological age, which can be known through a simple genetic test performed in-house.

Functional medicine practitioners believe that by identifying and addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases, it is possible to reverse or improve the condition. This process usually involves a combination of lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, nutritional supplements, and in some cases, conventional medical treatments.

One of the key principles of functional medicine is identifying and addressing imbalances in the body’s systems and processes. This can include imbalances in the gut microbiome, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and chronic inflammation. By addressing these imbalances, functional medicine practitioners aim to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself and improve overall health.

For example, in the case of type 2 diabetes, functional medicine practitioners may focus on improving insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation through dietary changes, exercise, minimal medications and targeted nutritional supplements to potentially reverse the condition. In the case of autoimmune disease, practitioners may focus on identifying and addressing gut dysfunction and chronic inflammation and enroll patients in the Wellth autoimmune program.

It’s worth noting that reversing a chronic disease is not always possible and it depends on the type of disease, the stage of the disease and the individual’s health status. However, functional medicine can play an important role in managing chronic diseases, improving symptoms, optimising the quality of life, and reducing the risk of complications.

It’s also important to mention that functional medicine is not a substitute for conventional medical care and it’s essential to work with a healthcare professional experienced in functional medicine for optimal results. A functional medicine practitioner should always take into consideration the individual’s health status and medical history, and work in collaboration with other healthcare providers when necessary.

“We can realise our aspirations for becoming younger”

Dr Suresh Vassen, Integrative Functional Medicine, Wellth

Tell us about concept behind rejuvenation and anti ageing and what therapies do you offer for the same?

All human beings long for happiness and a long healthy life, free from pain and suffering. The good news is that it has become realistically possible to prevent and reverse rapid ageing. By integrating modern medical science with ancient health science modalities, we can certainly realise our aspirations for becoming healthier and younger as we grow older.

At the Wellth clinic, Dubai, the home of holistic health and well-being, health professionals offers expertise in the fields of Integrative Functional Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Yoga, Meditation and mindfulness; designing individualised programmes for rejuvenation and reversal of ageing, extending lifespan and quality of life.

Dr Suresh Vassen, Integrative Functional Medicine, Wellth

Current research has clearly shown that genetic changes are key to directly assessing ageing and gene activity can be strongly influenced by holistic interventions and lifestyle modifications. Advanced genetic DNA and biomarker testing, with sophisticated bio-scans, to assess biological age and metabolic status are offered at Wellth. The most accurate test to date of biological age is the telomere-length blood test (which is a section of the DNA, capping the end of the chromosome). Longer telomeres are an indication of youthful cells.

At Wellth, intervention of healing modalities and lifestyle modifications, are guaranteed to lengthen telomeres by increasing the enzyme Telomerase, and reversing age by focusing on crucial areas of wellness:

1. Sleep competence for deep restful sleep.

2. Reducing toxicity and inflammation; metabolic balance.

3. Optimising nutrition, macro- and micronutrients.

4. Stress and Relationships management.

5. Emotional and Psychological Resilience.

6. Yoga stretching and breath coaching.

7. Rejuvenation Treatment Programmes.

The adage, add years to your life, and life to your years is the destination of every wellness guest’s journey at Wellth.

“Transformation therapy has changed so many lives’

Bushra Khan, Therapist & Life Coach

What is transformational therapy? Transformational therapy is very different to normal therapy. What’s the difference?

I work with two different modalities. I start with relaxing a patient and going into a very light hypnosis. Its not hypnosis – but it has elements of hypnosis, and we get to the core of the problem in one session. It cuts down six months of the therapy work and then we see what’s happening in the core or what’s happening right deep inside. Then I do a road map and work with the patient for three months.

In the first month we find out what’s the patient’s problem, and let the pain come up in a very safe manner to deal with it. In the second month we go into mindset coaching, where we start to change patterns, showing the patient what tools to apply, and how to change the behaviour. To change a person’s reality, we have to literally change the personality, so we start doing all that work.

In the third month we work on manifestation, then I start to show the patient how to achieve what you want in life, and start showing them how things can shift and they see it. The patient evolves from surviving to thriving.

However, transformational therapy doesn’t mean the patient will come in, and we will directly start working on their issues. Instead, we sit with the patients and discuss their feelings and to know what results they hope to achieve with me. The treatment is very result-focused and can take some time before the changes are applied, and results are achieved.

Bushra Khan, Therapist & Life Coach

What is unique about the way you treat mental health as compared to a conventional treatment?

We guarantee that whatever the patient comes for they will see results in three months, but obviously the patient has to be ready to do the work. If a patient came to me for insomnia, we will work together for three months and find out what’s actually happening on a deeper level to solve that problem. I don’t work with what’s happening — the symptom — but why it is happening.

For example, we understand that someone has cancer by the symptoms, but we need to find out why they got it in the first place. So I work with the why. We treat the why so that the what goes away.

How long are these mental health programs and what can be expected at the completion of these programs?

Some take more than three months, but in my experience I never had a patient, who took more than three months to transform. However, something else may show up and they would want to work on that, which is a different thing altogether.

I work with everything, from mindset, to money blocks, to illnesses, grief, trauma, past trauma, and loss, basically anything that’s happening in people’s life or the patterns, the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from the growth. I work on transformation work, which has changed so many lives quickly. Our therapy is to the point, as we don’t waste time, or build up too much trauma.

The body doesn’t know what’s happened and what’s happening right now, so every time we talk about the trauma, it becomes fresh in the body and you feel as if it has just happened. We do all thati n the first month just to bring it up in a safe space so that we can release it, we can validate it, and after that when it’s fine we ask patients what they want to do next and we work on that. That’s how the therapy is different from other traditional work.

“Ayurveda has detailed intensive treatments”

Dr M S Mahadevan, Ayurveda Practitioner

What is the concept behind Ayurveda?

Ayurveda’s main concept is to maintain “Swastha” the equilibrium of the Body Mind and Soul to remain healthy with a proper diagnosis of the Individual’s Body Constitution, the imbalance of the 3 Ayurvedic Principles or Doshas’ - “Vata, Pitha, Kapha” and the 7 Chief tissues (Plasma, blood, flesh, fat, bone, bone marrow and the sperm and ovum) are ultimately treated using Ayurvedic principles, and the equilibrium of the doshas and their maintanence is known as Swastha.

Most people know Ayurvedic massages, what else does Ayurveda offer?

Apart from the relaxing Ayurvedic massages, Ayurveda does have detailed intensive treatments for almost all the ailments including Ayurvedic internal medicines, external treatments like fermentation with herbal poultice, medicated rice, powder massage, pouring warm medicated oils, warm herbal decoctions on the body, dripping of medicated oils, herbal decoctions on the forehead, face pack, herbal packs for the back problems, knee joints, nasal treatment and eye treatments.

Dr M S Mahadevan, Ayurveda Practitioner

Patients with the following conditions can benefit:

* Migraine

* Asthma

* Psoriasis

* Eczema

* Digestive disorders

* Obesity

* Hormonal issues

* Pimples, acne, boils, rashes and pigmentations

* Back problems

* Arthritis

* Fibromyalgia

* Multiple sclerosis

* Parkinson’s syndrome

* Constipation

* Hemorrhoids

* Insomnia

* Heart and liver problems

* Eye problems

* Tinitus

* Rehabilitation treatments for patients with stroke, cancer, trauma after their initial treatments.

“Find the cause of your disease and get healed with homoeopathy”

Dr Asher, Integrative Medicine Specialist

What is the concept behind homeopathic treatment?

Homoeopathy is a German science that believes in curing patients from the roots. It is a therapeutic system of medicine, which triggers the body’s natural defense mechanism to restore mental, emotional and physical health to cure the sick.

The fundamental principle of Homoeopathy is, something that brings on symptoms in a healthy person can, in a very small dose, treat an illness with similar symptoms.

As the future of medicine is nanotechnology and homoeopathy is based on the modern concept of nanotechnology, it is the future of medicine itself!

Dr Asher, Integrative Medicine Specialist

How does Homeopathy at Wellth help?

Our homeopathic doctors bring with them years of expertise and experience. We all are aware that acute, chronic and autoimmune diseases have stress as their root cause.

But do you know what type of stress causes specific disease in you? And did you know that if you come to know the cause, you automatically start staying away from it! And this is the beginning of reversal of your chronic diseases.

Get enlightened about this from our expert homeopathic physician who will sit along with you for a marathon interactive session and identify the exact stress (cause of disease) in you.

The medicine selected is the one that matches your genetic constitution. When administered, it stimulates the healing mechanism and produces effect at the level of genetic expression. The medicine helps you cope with this stress as well as return the body to good health.

For example, bone and joint diseases are caused by stress of self-devaluation conflict/ loss of self-worth. The stress comes from either being humiliated, abused, failure, poor performance or feeling of shame and guilt. Also stress such as loss of status, loss of work and retirement leads to bone decalcification creating gaps and little holes in the bones.

Acidity is caused by anger or irritation on family members affecting the contractions of gut. PCOD is caused by traumatic loss or fear of losing a loved one leading to decrease in oestrogen levels in body resulting in irregular or absent menses. Constant self-blame following a break-up or the death of someone close can become a hurdle to recovery.

Homeopathy is a curative practice – so if you’ve been struggling with such chronic issues, Homeopathy is the answer for you.

Who are the people who would benefit from Homoeopathic treatment?

Patients of all age groups having any kind of mental or physical illness such as skin disorders like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, lichen planus. Patients suffering from respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis also stand to benefit, as well as those suffering from bacterial and viral infections, abdominal diseases like gastritis, ulcers, IBS, IBD, gallstones, piles or fissures, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis or kidney disorders like stones, CKD or polycystic kidneys, blood disorders starting from anaemia to leukaemia, bone and connective tissue diseases including arthritis, myalgia, thyroid and hormonal disorders, heart and brain disorders- epilepsy, stroke, paralysis, psychiatric diseases likes ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, OCD, dementia, etc.

So, don’t suppress your disease by taking medicines for its symptoms. Find the cause and get healed from the core with Homoeopathic medicines.