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His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of Dubai Health Authority (DHA), emphasised the importance of constantly developing the insurance system in the emirate to simplify customers’ journey and enable them to receive quality health services through adopting the latest technologies. 

Al Qutami met with officials from NTT Data Services, one of the leading global health technology companies that manages health insurance for more than 5,000 hospitals around the world including DHA facilities. He discussed with John MacCain, CEO of NTT Data Services, the latest advancements in health insurance. Al Qutami pointed out that by using a global leader, DHA aims to enhance insurance services in the emirate and exceed customers’ expectations.

Arab Neonatal Care Conference held

His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of Dubai Health Authority (DHA), recently inaugurated the 7th Arab Neonatal Care Conference. 

The three-day conference gathered neonatologists, paediatricians, researchers, nurses and other healthcare professionals to exchange international expertise and updates with regional practices. 

During his opening speech, Al Qutami emphasised the importance of this medical speciality, the contribution of caregivers in the field of perinatal and neonatal medicine and the role of universities, research centres, health institutions, hospitals and international organisations and bodies that aim at providing a better lifer to both child and mother. According to WHO, three million babies die within the first month after birth.

Dubai Future Accelerator’s 3rd cohort pushes for collaboration

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) commenced its work for the Dubai Future Accelerators’ third cohort. Dr Mohammad Al Redha, Director of Organisational Transformation at DHA, said the new phase will see notable collaboration with leading companies in the field of innovation and health from all over the world to find the ideal solution to the challenges the health sector is facing. 

He said the third cohort includes four paths that the authority is taking part in with the aim of enabling its facilities to provide smart, international-standard and high-quality services. 

The first path will help the authority adopt the latest technology and prepare for efficient and safe rehabilitation and treatment of patients who are suffering from different neurological problems and brain strokes.