Dr Marwan Al Mulla, Director of the Health Regulations Department, DHA Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Health Regulation Department announced that it has closed a facility for not complying with the authority’s laws and regulations.

DHA shut down a health facility and penalised it for violating the conditions and standards governing the conduct of health activities. The decision to close the facility came after the authority monitored the facility’s social media activity and found that it was advertising services that it wasn’t authorised to provide by the authority and other bodies.

Violators caught

A team was formed to inspect the facility, where they found that unlicensed individuals were conducting medical cosmetic procedures such as filler injections, facelifts and Botox, confirming that this facility was not complying with regulations governing the practice of health professions. The team also proved the facility failed to meet the conditions of providing the required professional staff and that it was found that the facility was continuing its activity after the expiry of its permit. 

The facility was informed about these violations and were asked to rectify them as a condition for reopening. 

Dr Marwan Al Mulla, Director of the Health Regulations Department at DHA, says Executive Council Resolution No. 32 of 2012 on the regulation of practicing health professions in Dubai regulates the practice of activity in the healthcare sector, which includes appropriate penalties against violators. 

Implementing this resolution ensures the quality of services provided in the sector are up to par and that health facilities and professionals are compliant with laws and regulations to ensure the health and safety of society and its individuals.

Dr Al Mulla stresses the importance of reporting any violations or offenders and facilities who are practicing medicine illegally, calling on the public to be cautious of medical advertisements on social media and to research and ensure the validity of these services before getting the treatment or service done. 

He adds that within the framework of the authority’s efforts to reduce such illegal practices, DHA has developed a link titled “Health” on the Dubai Now Application, which customers can visit to verify the validity of existing health announcements, whether on social media or other media channels. 

Earlier this week, DHA revealed it has stopped unlicensed individuals from practicing medicine after they were caught red-handed during inspections held by the department. 

The unlicensed individuals were caught carrying out illegal medical practices inside residential apartments, in violation of DHA laws and regulations. 

The authority took action against these facilities and individuals after conducting the necessary inspections, which found that they had many serious violations that required serious penalties.

The Health Regulation Department, in coordination with Dubai Police, arrested a number of individuals who are not licensed by the authority and were conducting illegal medical practices inside a residential and non-licensed apartment as a health facility. 

This is a clear violation of the emirate’s laws and regulations. Where the team was able to confiscate medical equipment used in surgery, abortion and ultrasound, in addition to large quantities of medicines, medical solutions and drugs included in the category of controlled and semi-controlled medicines in addition to non-registered drugs and large amounts of cash.