Dubai’s private medical facilities are carefully regulated by DHA Image Credit: Getty

The number of private medical health facilities in Dubai witnessed a 4 per cent increase in the second quarter of this year compared to the first, reaching 3,018, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) revealed. 

This increase includes private hospitals, specialised health centres, pharmacies, diagnostic centres and dental centres. 

His Excellency Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of DHA, said the advanced medical capabilities and modern infrastructure and facilities in the city make Dubai an attractive destination for the private sector to invest in, especially the medical field, which has been witnessing yearly growth. 
He added that the authority is developing all of its systems to create a suitable environment for local and international investors in the medical field.

It is also working on developing standards and regulations to provide international medical services, which are supported by state-of-the-art technology. 

During a meeting held with Al Qatami, the Health Regulation Department at DHA in the presence of its Director Dr Marwan Al Mulla presented the action plan and initiatives that the authority is planning to implement. 

This action plan aims to develop private medical facilities through regulation, individual and facility licensing, conducting inspections as well as reaffirming the relationship between private and public sectors.  

During the meeting, Al Qatami stressed the importance of auditing papers, scientific certificates and documents when providing licences to individuals and facilities, adding that it is important to make sure that health centres, clinics and hospitals are disability-friendly, before providing the licence in collaboration with the concerned parties in Dubai.

Al Qatami added that it is important to reassess medical fines to make them compatible with the services provided and Dubai’s existing laws and regulations to prevent any illegality that can cause mistrust among customers.  

Al Qatami directed the regulations department to develop its systems and inspection methods to benefit the public and ensure the authority achieves customer satisfaction with the medical services provided in the city. 

He also called on the department to raise awareness among the public about the level of medical services expected at private facilities and inform them about the smart systems available to voice their complaints. 

He also wanted the department to make sure private medical services’ advertisements are realistic and in accordance with the UAE culture.