20200916 fitness centres
Dubai Sports Council has approved the criteria and indicators of the fitness centre classification system. Image Credit: For illustrative purpose only

Dubai: Dubai Sports Council has approved the criteria and indicators of the fitness centre classification system, the first of its kind, which was completed in cooperation with international experts in fitness, according to the best international practices.

The classification criteria and special indicators have been adopted during the evaluation process for the purpose of classifying all fitness centers in Dubai according to the number of stars from the category of 5 stars or less.

The evaluation criteria and sub-indicators take into account all aspects of work, and the evaluation started and Dubai Sports Council will announce of the results, which include the classification of centers that meet the requirements during the month of October, as well as the development plan to continuously improve the level of quality of services for the distinguished and motivate those with the lowest classification to raise the level of their work and facilities to the quality of services and life in Dubai, according to studied scientific standards.

The classification system includes 17 criterion measures and 82 sub-indicators through which all fitness centers are evaluated by specialized and qualified teams. The system was presented at the Middle East Fitness Summit in October 2022, and was praised by more than 1,000 participants in the Fitness Summit from specialists in various aspects of work and different nationalities.

The criteria were distributed among the quality of the facility and the quality and variety of the devices used, as well as the number and level of qualification of the trainers in the fitness center, the percentage of trainees for each trainer, the safety procedures used, insurance for the facility and the trainees, competence and experience in dealing with emergency injuries during training, applying the trainees’ safety requirements ,anti-doping and awareness of its dangers is a priority, in addition to the center’s management following up on the development of each trainee’s condition and the presence of medical and physical files on the condition of each registered member.

Dubai Sports Council has developed a guide for fitness centres that contributes to the development of work in this sector and clarify to the owners and managements of fitness centers the specifications of the model centers, the criterions and indicators through which the evaluation process is carried out, to be a reference for workers in this sector, which is achieving an increasing growth in the number of centers nad the number of registered members, whether as trainers or trainees of both sexes and different nationalities, and raise the level of services provided to the participants, which contribute to enhancing the health, vitality, activity of the trainees, their happiness, and their participation in the community movement, as well as strengthening the relationship between the components of society.