Dr Bhushan Dr Sukrit with Suleiman COURTESY NMC

Dubai: An accountant from Nigeria was finally cured of a recurring mass on his jaw, after reaching out to a team of doctors in Dubai through the Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) website.

Suleiman had suffered swelling and pain on his jaw from a large lump that was previously removed three times, in his home country.

The lump — which prevented him from eating properly and resulted in lack adequate nutrition — continued to resurface after each surgery.

Suleiman was finally cured after undergoing a full removal, at the NMC Royal Hospital at Dubai Investments Park.

“After I visited the DHA website, I found that ‘Dental Procedures’ was mentioned as one of the ‘Specialities in Focus’ along with my country, Nigeria under the ‘Countries in Focus’ in the medical tourism section,” he said.

Suleiman was pleased to find that information on everything from hospitals to airlines was given on the website, making his decision to fly to Dubai a lot easier.

Suleiman’s doctor, Dr. Bhushan Jayade, consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the hospital, said: “Suleiman had a huge tumour in his right upper face and jaw. He was in severe pain due to an infection in the tumour, with recurrent and spontaneous bleeding episodes from the nose,” Dr. Jayade explained.

The CT scan showed a large tumour mass extending to the right nose sinus, right orbit area of his head and under right cheek, with a small extension as also seen in the left cheek. “Looking at the size and aggressive nature of the tumour, it surely needed a complete excision,” Dr. Jayade added.

The complete excision of the tumour was done as a single piece.

Currently, the patient is disease-free and is undergoing dental rehabilitation.

Dr. Jayade said the team has seen an increase in the number of medical tourists visiting the country.

Prasanth Manghat, CEO and executive director, NMC Healthcare said: “The meticulous planning and strategic execution of DHA’s Dubai Health Experience programme is bearing dividends. Dubai is already a global capital for trade and travel, and thanks to these determined efforts by DHA, it is fast emerging as the next destination for medical value travel. We believe health care is everyone’s fundamental right and we are committed to delivering quality health care at affordable prices.”