Dubai Health Authority GITEX
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will be showcasing a number of innovative smart healthcare applications and solutions at the 39th Gitex Technology Week (Gitex 2019).

During the exhibition, which is taking place from October 6 to 10 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the public will get the opportunity to see first-hand the latest innovative initiatives and smart solutions launched by the authority to provide quality services to the community of Dubai.

Telehealth services

At the exhibition DHA will be displaying an Smart Health Alert system that aims to proactively examine the Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS scores) recorded in Salama, the intervention response time, patient department speciality, procedure taken, duration of stay and transfer out of intensive care unit to identify if the patient’s case is at risk of deterioration. This will help proactively identify critical cases and act on them before the situation deteriorates.

DHA will also be showcasing its robot Mesaed, which utilises artificial intelligence for billing accounts for 44 government entities. This will help in reducing working days needed, reducing human errors to zero and providing detailed reports, to name a few.

The authority’s Grievance and Compliant system will also be on display, the system will allow employees to electronically file their complaints and grievances. The system aims to provide clear information and fair procedures for employees, increase employee satisfaction and help employees attain justice.

Also on display is, which is a single platform for booking medical appointments in government and private health facilities in Dubai can be accessed via website ( or the app. It aims to enable residents to experience easy, convenient and accessible care while booking health facilities in Dubai.

Meanwhile, Mindspire is a mobile application that aims to help individuals suffering from depression or those who would like a preliminary screening of their state, and aid in alleviating their symptoms, with a focus on anonymity and minimal user intervention. This is carried out through the combination of non-intrusive analysis as well as very few active inputs from the user. Following the analysis, people with milder cases of depression would receive recommendations, while those on the higher of the spectrum are encouraged to contact a professional.

Smart app

DHA will also be showcasing its all-in-one smart app at Gitex. The app aims to integrate many of the authority’s existing applications as sub-services in a bid to create a seamless patient-hospital interface. The services integrated with the app include the Dammi App, which aims to makes it easier to find a time and place to make a blood donations in Dubai and allows blood donors to answer donation eligibility questionnaire and read pre-donation educational material through their mobile phones before they come to the donation centre.

Salem medical fitness and occupational screening smart system, has also been added to the app to allow the public to track the status of their file. The app also includes patient services, where users can view and cancel appointments, view prescriptions and view lab results. DHA’s medical registry, facility location and media centre can also be viewed in the app, which is available for free download on Google Play, Apple’s App Store and other Android platforms.

Meanwhile, the Shefaa overseas health programme displayed at Gitex is a fully integrated and unified system that makes the procedures for applying for overseas treatment easier and more time efficient. The programme aims to eliminate the need to physically go to DHA facilities as all oversees treatment procedures have been digitalised and integrated with GRP, IDAM and FAHR.

The Green Wing, a thermal imaging drone, will also be on display at the exhibition.

The drone’s purpose is to provide a thermal distribution map where seedlings will be distributed and planted based on the thermal imaging map.