For representational purpose only Image Credit: Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The National Center of Meteorology confirmed that the spell of unstable weather in the country is over, as the severity of the situation gradually eased on Thursday evening and receded in the north and east of the country.

A series of meetings were held under the leadership of the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, with the participation of the Ministry of Interior, the National Center of Meteorology, and a group of relevant government agencies. The meetings also focused on discussing all scenarios to develop preventive and precautionary measures after studying and evaluating the conditions in the areas facing the effects of the weather condition on the country.

For its part, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the central operating centres and rooms and the field and specialised work teams were fully prepared proactively to deal with the weather situation, and its teams worked in a preventive manner in order to ensure the safety of lives and property. 

The ministry appreciated the role and efficiency of the concerned authorities in dealing with the depression and its effects, which contributed to enhancing stability and safety in society. It also praised the positive role played by society at large.