The new bus station will provide commuters to and from Al Qusais an additional transport option. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: There’s a new bus station at Dubai’s Al Qusais area from today, the Roads and Transport Authority has announced.

The Stadium Bus Station, which is located besides the Stadium Metro Station, boasts a strategic location that witnesses a growing demand for bus services.

The bus station has been designed to shorten travel times and provide seamless connections to other mass transit options, making it an additional option for commuters in the emirate.

Buses on Routes 19, F22, F23A, F23, F23, F24, and W20 will start from the new bus station, while Route 23 will also pass through it.

The Public Transport Agency of RTA will make some improvements to the express lines with the aim of ensuring that passengers reach their destinations faster during the trip for the following lines: 62-X02-X23-X22-X13-X25-X92-X64-.X94, and modifications will be made to the routes of the lines, including reducing the route of the X28 line to end at Agora Mall.

The intercity bus line E102 will be modified to serve Musaffah Bus Station on weekends and improve commuting times between Al Jaffiliya Station and Zayed International Airport Terminal A.

Additionally, improvements will be made to the schedules of 30 routes, namely: 19, 23, 27, 43, 62, C04, C10, C15, C18, D03, E102, E307, E400, F08, F17, F22, F23, F23A, F24, F51, W20, X02, X13, X22, X23, X25, X28, X64, X92, X94. All these improvements take effect today.

On the same date, Route 91A will be cancelled. Commuters can use the alternative route 91 from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Jebel Ali Port Zone.

RTA remains committed to expanding the public bus network and integrating it with other public transport means, including the metro, tram, and marine services.