Dr Hafeel Ambalath and Dr Saya Pareeth

With an exceptional and unparalleled reputation for the most authentic and efficient treatment methodology, The Healers’ Clinic is a centre of excellence in holistic and integrative care. Holding a unique approach to healthcare, it is one-of-its-kind in the region, where ancient wisdom meets modern medicine.

The clinic was founded and is led by Dr Hafeel Ambalath and Dr Saya Pareeth — two highly resourceful physicians with scientifically curious minds. The duo offers a strong background in research and clinical practice, an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and an innate ability to assimilate and adapt their learnings.

With significant contributions to their respective fields of work, Dr Hafeel and Dr Saya are pioneers in successful integration of multiple streams of medicine, to enable healing and promote and ensure clinical wellness.

The Healers’ Clinic is known for its thriving environment of wellness and well-being, where patrons come in, looking not just for treatment and healing, but for sustenance of good health as well.

For more than two decades, Dr Hafeel and Dr Saya have worked on successfully bridging the gap between traditional and modern medicine. Their 18 years of success in Dubai has seen footfall from across the globe, and they are reputed and trusted names in the UAE and ME.

During their early years in India with the Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions, Dr Hafeel and Dr Saya’s contributions to research, assessment and documentation of local health traditions are worth considering.

With five generations of ayurvedic practice as his foundation, it would be apt to say that Dr Hafeel was born into Ayurveda. Trained under renowned ayurvedic healers and philosophers from an early age, he graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from the prestigious Coimbatore Ayurvedic College and continued research, training and practice at reputed institutions in India.

During his early years of clinical practice, a part of his research revolved around topics ranging from effectiveness of traditional medicine on a variety of disorders, to bone-setting traditions and nerve regeneration.

Besides Ayurveda, Dr Hafeel studied Rig Veda and Tarkashastra too, and has been a mentor to Traditional Medicine interns at Oxford Medical School. He is also an adjunct faculty at the University of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences, Bengaluru. Additionally, he has coordinated projects funded by DANIDA as well as ETC-COMPAS, The Netherlands (with Department of Environment & Forests, India), which was one of the largest projects on documentation of health traditions, natural resources and culture, in southern India. His contribution to policies and advocacy of traditional medicine in India and in the UAE is noteworthy. Additionally, Dr Hafeel is an alumnus of the London Business School.

Dr Saya studied homeopathy at the renowned Government Homeopathic Medical College, Calicut. During her formative years, she was instrumental in the research and study of Indian medicinal plants used in homeopathy. She combines her innate ability to heal with the principles of homeopathy, which enables her to go beyond symptoms and address the source of the maladies.

Her extensive training in non-linear diagnostics gives her a strong foundation in accurately assessing the root cause of ailments. Alongside, her advanced training in Integrative Onco-care from Switzerland cements this foundation further. Organon of Medicine, authored by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, is Dr Saya’s rule book. It is a cornerstone of homeopathic principles and mentions the importance of preventative care and auxiliary measures which could be adopted along with a carefully chosen drug. He also mentions that a good physician is a preserver of health, and this is the foundation of clinical wellness.

Along with studies, research and a rich experience, Dr Hafeel and Dr Saya’s unique perception of wellness has played a huge role in the success of The Healers’ Clinic. Adopting healing methodologies and health practices from across cultures and traditions and integrating them in a way that they complement and supplement each other, Dr Hafeel and Dr Saya have evolved in their vision of holistic and integrative healthcare, guiding and assisting their patients on their journey towards good health.

Going beyond textbook learnings and facilitating the body’s wisdom to self-heal by way of the most authentic and efficient treatments, is what makes The Healers’ Clinic an incredible model of clinical wellness.

“Health is a gift most of us are born with and prevention, cure, and sustenance, the checkpoints to wellbeing, are interdependent.

“People should have options to first prevent ailments and then work towards sustaining good health. A physician playing the role of a family physician, sharing this responsibility with the community, would do great good,” say Dr Hafeel and Dr Saya.

The Healers’ team comprises experts from the realms of modern as well as traditional medicine, who work towards a common goal of ensuring the best healing journey for their patients.

In the ancient Sushruta Samhita by Acharya Sushruta, he mentions, “A person who studies only one science would be unable to arrive at a precise decision or conclusion. Therefore, a physician should know, learn and understand other associated sciences or disciplines too.” And this is the foundation of The Healers’ Clinic.

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