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DHA has baned all medical facilities from filming patients during surgery. Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Health Regulation Department issued a circular last week banning all medical facilities in the emirate from filming patients during surgery for the purpose of advertising their services and doctors on social media channels. 

Violating privacy

Dr Marwan Al Mulla, Director of Health Regulation at DHA said the circular comes after the increasing phenomenon of unauthorised medical people entering operation rooms to record the surgery for the purpose of airing it live on social media channels (such as Instagram, Snapchat  and Twitter) to advertise for their facilities and doctors. 

Dr Al Mulla added that recording the patient violates their privacy and is not allowed even if the patient agrees to it. 

Dr Al Mulla said that these violating actions can affect the doctor and medical crew’s concentration while conducting the surgery and it also constitutes a clear violation of infection control laws, especially if the person filming is not authorised to enter the operating room or does not have a medical background, thus endangering the health and safety of patients.

He stressed that the authority is keen to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety in the services provided to patients and is committed to communicating with its strategic partners in the private health sector to ensure that they are aware about any update in regulations related to the health and safety of services provided to patients.

Dr Al Mulla pointed to the supervisory role of the authority in all medical facilities in Dubai that aims to ensure the implementation of the best safe and effective practices in health services, enhance the efficiency of work and raise the level of performance according to a methodology that takes into account the application of the best international standards.