Dubai: Family and friends of Aliya Niyaz Ali, the 17-year-old grade 12 Indian student who died after a brief illness are still reeling under shock and trying to seek various ways of closure.

He grief stricken mother, Fareeda, went through Aliya’s jottings and drawings kept in the drawers of her room and broke down after seeing a beautiful small poem ‘Faces of Patience’ penned by Aliya in her beautiful handwriting .

The poem, describing various aspects, of patience says : “Patience in obeying Allah and doing the righteous deed; Patience on abstaining from evil, disobedience and prohibited acts; Patience during times of hardships without complaints….”

Girl’s father Ali added: “We feel God took Aliya back to him, Insha Alla, which in itself is a blessing. But I also want to alert all parents, doctors and the health officials about her inexplicable death. Her death must not go in vain. God willing, our beloved daughter’s death might save precious lives.

Her best friends Fatima Iqbal and Sara Wassim remember the multifaceted talents of Aliya. Iqbal who knew her from grade 5 said: “I find it difficult to believe that my best friend who I shared a sandwich with at school only two days ago is no more. She loved baking and calligraphy and wanted to be so many things all at once – a nutritionist, a dietician, an interior designer, a graphic designer… we did bake cupcakes and created so many calligraphies for school projects that adorn the school walls. I will never forget her.”

In one of the calligraphies Aliya had quoted a verse from the Holy Quran which seems so prophetic in the light of her death: “And it is HE who gives life and causes Death.”

Wassim who was Aliya’s friend for over four years recalls her as someone who was determined to make everyone smile: “She was cheerful and bubbling with positive energy. Aliya had a wonderful artistic hand and would write our school certificates, she was very helpful, generous and kind. We did several art projects together. I feel I was just beginning to know her and now she is gone, it is unbelievable.”

Her death at the time of 12th grade prelims examinations that are ongoing has made it doubly stressful for her friends to grieve and also focus on studies.