Chocolate Kinder Eggs
Chocolate Kinder Eggs on display at a supermarket. ADAFSA has confirmed that Abu Dhabi’s markets are completely free of Kinder products suspected of being linked to food poisoning in a number of European countries. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: AFP

Abu Dhabi/Dubai: Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has confirmed that Abu Dhabi’s markets are completely free of Kinder products suspected of being linked to food poisoning in a number of European countries due to salmonella infections. A similar notification was issued today by Dubai Municipality too, confirming that no Kinder Surprise chocolate product linked to the salmonella cases exist in Dubai markets and Kinder Middle East Dubai Branch has recalled the product from loval markets.

In its notificationm ADAFSA explained that as soon as they received an alert from the European System for Rapid Warning of Precautionary Withdrawal of some batches of one of kinder’s suspected products, ADAFSA inspectors checked the emirate of Abu Dhabi’s markets, to ensure whether or not suspected products were identified in the alert.

ADAFSA has urged the public not to get caught up in rumours or circulate any anonymous information about food safety and to communicate any information or complaint related to food safety through its social media accounts, or through the Abu Dhabi Government Call Center number 800555.

Reviewing shipments

ADAFSA has also coordinated with suppliers and food facilities and communicated with local agent Ferrero that produces this type of chocolates, confirming that the products currently available in Abu Dhabi’s markets are safe.

The authority also reviewed shipments of Kinder products entering Abu Dhabi and confirmed that they were not from the suspected batches. The company producing this type of chocolate has withdrawn the product from the European countries as a precautionary measure.

Commenting on reports about some Kinder chocolate products suspected of being linked to food poisonings in a number of European countries, ADAFSA said in a press statement that if the suspected products were found then they would be withdrawn from the shelves immediately and action would be taken depending upon the condition of the product.

Frequent inspections and sampling

ADAFSA has assured the public that in Abu Dhabi all necessary means and measures have been adopted to prevent any improper and unhealthy products from reaching the emirate’s markets. All food products traded are strictly controlled across the supply chain and imported food products are strictly regulated at different outlets, ADAFSA said. Products are allowed to be displayed and sold only after ensuring that they have complied with all the approved specifications. Moreover, frequent inspections and sampling of food items are conducted to ensure they are safe for consumption.

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ADAFSA further said that it works on the principles of transparency, community partnership and positive effect, where multiple channels of communication are dedicated to receiving inquiries, making observations and raising questions by the public about any issue.