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Dr Ludmila Vassiliev, Founder of Holistic Healing Medical Center Image Credit: Supplied


Pregnancy is not a sickness, but a blossoming of life when one life is ready and happy to develop another life, writes Dr Ludmila Vassiliev, Founder of Holistic Healing Medical Center

As a medical doctor who grew up in a family of doctors, my mother was a gynaecologist during a time when IVF did not exist. She supported many women in improving their health and overcoming infertility. From a young age, I understood that pregnancy is not a sickness and does not always require medical intervention. It is a natural process that requires support and nourishment, much like a growing tree needs water and fertilisers to bear fruit.

When patients come to me after struggling with conceiving or experiencing failed IVF attempts, I always remind them that “pregnancy is not a sickness, but it is a blossoming of life”. It is a natural process that requires a holistic approach to improve overall health and life. We have seen many cases where a combination of homeopathy, acupuncture, and Ayurveda have helped women improve their health and achieve successful pregnancies and give birth to a holistic child.

In contrast, I have also witnessed the negative side effects of hormonal imbalances caused by repeated IVF attempts. Recently, a patient came to me after undergoing 20 IVF treatments in different countries, which resulted in early menopause. It is important to prioritise traditional treatments and a holistic lifestyle to support women’s health and life.

Ultimately, every human being is a product of love, and the priorities are love, life and health, which cannot be stimulated by IVF or suppressed by pharmaceutical medicines.

For those who struggle with fertility, it can be tempting to turn to modern science and IVF treatments for help. However, it is important to consider the impact of these treatments on the woman and baby’s overall health.

While IVF treatments can stimulate hormones and help develop pregnancy, they often come with significant side effects that can have long-lasting effects on the body. Even if doctors claim there are no side effects, they still exist and can have a major impact on a woman’s and child’s health. This is something that I see first-hand with many of my patients.

It’s worth noting that although IVF treatments may not always result in success, there are instances where individuals are able to conceive after just one or a few rounds of IVF. In cases where conception is successful in the first attempt, it could indicate that the body was ready for pregnancy all along, and only needed a focus on love, life and health, because every life on the planet earth is a result of love. This highlights the importance of taking care of woman’s life to blossom in pregnancy.

Holistic Healing Medical Center takes a whole approach to balance life by homeopathy, Ayurveda, and acupuncture and pregnancy will happen as a result of love. Love your life!