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Dubai: Bizarre as it may seem, birthday cards and gifts, followed by umbrellas are the most common items left behind by Dubai passengers in Uber taxis.

The information was made available by Uber following its launch of the Uber Lost & Found Index, a snapshot of passengers’ most commonly forgotten items which also highlights which cities are most prone to forgetfulness and which days of the week Uber riders tend to be most forgetful. According to the index, Dubai is among the cities – along with Cairo, Riyadh and Jeddah - which are most prone to forgetfulness. After birthday cards and umbrellas, laptops, watches and car keys are the most commonly left-behind items.

Worldwide trends

Worldwide, the top 10 items lost on Uber taxis include phones, rings, keys, wallets, glasses, purses, licence/ID cards, gloves, chargers and sunglasses. The top five lost items in the region are hats, phones, rings, glasses and wallets. The index has also identified 50 “unique” lost properties. Among them are a painting, lobster, sweet potato care package, paycheque, guitar, violin, engagement ring, school papers, a dog sweater and even a bulletproof vest and chair.

Sunday, Saturday and Friday top the days on which properties are lost on Uber taxis. The most forgetful days in 2016 were October 30, November 20 and December 4, 11 and 18. As it turns out, some items are more likely to be lost on certain days when compared to the rest of the week. Examples include wedding dresses on Sundays, skateboards on Mondays, swimsuits on Tuesdays and plane tickets on Saturdays.

The best way to retrieve an item you may have left in a vehicle is to call the driver. If your driver doesn’t answer, leave a detailed voicemail describing your item and the best way to contact you. Meanwhile, Uber announced this week the trial of uberX that will provide affordable rides. The pricing of uberX begins at Dh5 as base fare and Dh1.37 per kilometre and Dh0.40 per minute.

The pilot uberX is being rolled out for three months starting April 17. It starts with a limited number of vehicles, and expands to a wider pool of riders and driver-partners. The pilot is part of a study being jointly conducted with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Top 10 items lost on Uber taxis worldwide:

1. Phones

2. Rings

3. Keys

4. Wallets

5. glasses

6. Purses

7. Licence/ID cards

8. Gloves

9. Chargers

10. Sunglasses


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