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Dubai: Residents can get front-row seats to watch the UAE Armed Forces in action when a VIP convoy is under attack in Fujairah.

The Armed Forces is currently finalising preparations to showcase the 4th Union Fortress military exercise that will take place along Fujairah’s Corniche Road on November 2, 2018.

The military show aims to highlight the role of the highly trained armed forces in safeguarding and securing the nation and its people.

“This joint-military exercise will showcase the expertise of the armed forces, their readiness, spirit and thorough professionalism in a number of different live-action battle scenarios, including air-borne hostage rescue,” said the Armed Forces in a statement.

“An important aspect of this exercise is to portray the coordination and collaboration that the armed forces employ while dealing with security threats,” it added.

Police to provide transport services

Fujairah Police will be providing transport services to residents who wish to watch the UAE Armed Forces exercise taking place along Fujairah’s Corniche Road.

Special buses will be available in the following areas: 
Umbrella Corniche
Near Hilton Hotel
Opposed to Maritime Club
Event square in Mudhab
Opposite to Popular carpet market  

The buses will start transporting residents after Juma’a prayer, till 2.30pm


During the military exercise, spectators will witness first-hand distinctive capabilities of the armed forces in terms of its code of conduct, equipment, and training to defend the UAE’s national interests and national security.

Activity zones open at 10am, while the main event will start at 4.30pm. The event is open to all and free of charge.


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What: 4th Union Fortress

When: 4.30pm, November 2, 2018

Where: Corniche Road, Fujairah

A map where Union Fortress 4 will take place in Fujairah. Supplied

Events include air bombing attack, hostage extraction and tank attacks.