Still from video posted by WAM showing the school supplies being loaded by UAE for Ukraine
Still from video posted by WAM showing the supplies being loaded Image Credit: Screengrab/@wamnews

Abu Dhabi: The UAE has dispatched an aid plane carrying 2,500 laptops and 10,000 school bags to bolster the educational sector in Ukraine. The initiative was carried out in collaboration with the Olena Zelenska Foundation.

Salem Ahmed Salem Al Kaabi, UAE Ambassador to Ukraine, stated that the UAE’s ongoing humanitarian support prioritises the essential needs of the Ukrainian people, and the latest initiative aims to sustain the education of individuals who, due to prevailing situations, have sought refuge in adjacent countries or have been internally displaced.

Al Kaabi noted that these efforts are a testament to the UAE’s commitment to propelling the educational sector and are meant to ensure that the necessary conditions are met for Ukrainian children to continue their schooling, even if it’s through distance learning modalities.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, the UAE has been at the forefront of offering assistance, extending urgent relief supplies to those impacted by the turmoil, including a significant contribution of 100 million US dollars to Ukrainian civilians. An air bridge was established, through which 11 planes have been dispatched, carrying an impressive 714 tonnes of essential supplies. These supplies feature basic and medical foodstuffs, 2,520 generators, and 10 ambulances, all directed towards aiding civilians within Ukraine.

In addition, the UAE dispatched a ship laden with 250 tonnes of relief goods, destined for Poland and Romania. From these countries, the supplies are set to be transported into Ukraine. To further their support, the UAE has also been sending aircraft with relief materials to aid Ukrainian refugees in neighbouring nations, including Poland, Moldova, and Bulgaria.