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Dubai Airport hosts first-ever Iftar on runway for its employees Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai International (DXB) marked a unique first this Ramadan by hosting an iftar gathering for a number of airport employees from different cultural backgrounds on its action-packed runway.

Held against the spectacular backdrop of aircraft touching down and taking off, the iftar fostered a sense of community and togetherness.

Majed Al Joker, Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Airports said: “This novel airside initiative underscores our commitment to promoting inclusivity and cultural understanding. It’s truly heart-warming to witness employees from varied backgrounds and cultures come together to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan and showcase the many ways DXB can create memorable and enjoyable experiences.”

“By creating this inclusive event, we celebrate the values of empathy, compassion, and unity that resonate across all communities, fostering a stronger sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among our team members.”

Runway iftar in Dubai
Dubai Airport employees enjoying Iftar at the runway Image Credit: Supplied

As the iftar approached, teams across Dubai Airports gathered to craft a visually captivating table adorned with traditional Ramadan treats — dates, fruits, sweets, and refreshing beverages. The collaborative effort fostered a shared sense of purpose for the special occasion, enhancing the overall experience.

The iftar unfolded with the setting sun, transforming the elegantly arranged table into a welcoming space to connect, share stories, and forge bonds with colleagues from across the business.

As DXB continues to lead the way in creating unique and memorable travel experiences, the intimate iftar gathering reflects Dubai Airports’ dedication to nurturing unity and inclusivity, a testament of the company’s commitment to creating meaningful experiences for everyone who crosses through the airport’s doors.