A woman had sent a report through Smart Police Station asking for help in locating her husband and daughter who had gone hiking Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police recently rescued a British man and his daughter who had lost their way while hiking in Dubai’s mountainous Hatta region.

The duo had become exhausted and could not complete their hike. Colonel Mubarak Al Ketbi, director of Hatta Police Station, said a British woman submitted a report through the Smart Police Station (SPS) in Hatta, asking for police assistance in finding her husband and daughter.

“The woman said her husband and daughter were lost on a hiking trip. She said they told her that they can’t identify their location or continue walking,” said Col Al Ketbi.

Father and daughter safe and sound, seen here with the police team that rescued the duo Image Credit: supplied

Quick action

Dubai Police’s mountain rescue team and the duty officer went to the area and formed a plan to scan the hiking paths to identify the location of the man and his daughter.

“The team located the man and daughter, who were exhausted. The team ensured they were in a safe and stable condition,” he added.

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Colonel Abdullah Al Hafeet, deputy director of Hatta Police Station, said a helicopter from the Air Wing Department of the police was sent for the rescue. “Due to high rugged terrain and scattering of pebbles whenever the helicopter approached, rescue patrols had to first assist the father and daughter reach the top of the mountain so that the Air Wing could rescue them and take them to the ambulance,” said Col Al Hafeet.

Police urged hikers not to wander off from the hiking trails Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai Police urged the public to follow safety measures and adhere to mountain hiking and walking trails. Colonel Al Ketbi also urged community members to call the Dubai Police Command and Control Center on 999 for emergency cases and provide an accurate location to facilitate the rescue process of those in need.