Abu Dhabi: Dr Engineer Ali Mohamad Al Khouri, Director General of Emirates Identity Authority stressed that the UAE has made important strides on the road to transform to the “Electronic Government” under its quest to establish its international competitive position, and to be one of the best governments across the world by the year 2021.

Dr Al Khouri said during his participation with a worksheet at the “International Identity Conference 2013” held in Istanbul-Turkey on Wednesday, that the UAE is in race with time to develop the “Government of the Future,” aiming to achieve happiness in the community, through improving the government work efficiency, effectiveness and excellence and develop a comprehensive service that would make life easier for the people.

He added that the UAE has developed an integrated and ambitious plan to complete the electronic government project, allowing the citizen and expat living in the country to have access and obtain all general services through electronic channels, like the mobile phones, the internet and other modern digital technical means.

In the work paper under the title: “The reality of the Electronic Government and Technological Directions”, Dr Al Khouri outlined the UAE experiences and marches towards the electronic transformation”. He added that the conference was attended by government officials from more than 80 countries.