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Abu Dhabi: The UAE’s Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme, launched in November 2023, has entered a new phase aimed at revolutionising government procedures and providing integrated, smart services that boost economic competitiveness and the business environment, marking a new era of economic growth.

The new phase aims to eliminate at least 2,000 government procedures and reduce approximately 50 per cent of the timeframes, creating simpler, faster, and more efficient services, particularly in the economic sector. The programme supports the UAE Centennial 2071 objectives and the “We are the UAE 2031” vision.

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Historically, the UAE has been proactive in launching initiatives that solidify its global position in ease of doing business, government service flexibility, and proactivity. By 2024, these efforts have propelled the UAE to 7th place globally in the competitive power of countries.

Strategic transformational projects continue to be a priority, enhancing the effectiveness of government procedures. These projects focus on developing national competencies and talents, equipping them with future skills necessary to achieve high levels of efficiency, quality, and flexibility in governmental operations.

The Ministry of Economy, as part of the Zero Bureaucracy Programme, is enhancing customer service experiences for both individuals and companies, streamlining processes to deliver services in an easy, simple, and swift manner without compromising quality and effectiveness. An action plan is in place that extends to the end of 2024, with a comprehensive evaluation process scheduled to assess the impact of these improvements and boost customer satisfaction.

Similarly, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology has been refining its procedures since last April, with a timeline stretching to next September. These efforts are part of the first phase of the programme, aimed at accelerating the design and implementation of service procedures using innovative tools that foster continuous development.

Additionally, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is innovating and streamlining government procedures to enhance customer experiences, focusing on transparency, efficiency, and the adoption of innovative technologies.

The Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme seeks to improve the effectiveness of government procedures issued by ministries and federal agencies, reinforcing the UAE government’s leadership and global competitiveness in government efficiency. The programme’s results will be evaluated, and achievements celebrated by the end of 2024.