Dubai: The UAE has attained remarkable progress in reporting suspicious transactions with the newly issued anti-money laundering (AML) law and tight restrictions on money transfer activities, according to a senior judicial official.

Money laundering has become a worldwide threat that requires joint efforts to establish standardized measures for accountability, according to Judge Dr Jamal Al Sumaiti, who pointed to the remarkable progress achieved by the UAE in that regard.

The remarks of Dr Al Sumaiti, the Director General of Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), came during a training session that DJI co-hosted with the US Embassy in the UAE.

He emphasised the importance of intensifying efforts to curb money laundering and ultimately reduce crimes.

DJI launched on Sunday the anti-money laundering training session for senior Pakistani government officials, under the supervision of leading professionals and experts from the UAE, US and Pakistan.

Dr Al Sumaiti said: "The session acts as an interactive platform to look into local and international experiences and discuss the AML system application challenges. It investigates current developments in the field of anti-money laundering, with a focus on top international practices and standards to reduce such a menace that has made a negative impact on the global economy."

The five-day session is a testament to the international community's confidence in DJI's role as a regional and international hub for legal and judicial excellence. It further demonstrates the solid relation between DJI and the US Embassy, reaffirming their joint efforts to create channels for sharing knowledge, expertise and best international practices.

The AML training session attracted 30 participants from the government of Pakistan, including representatives from the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, Parliament, National Accountability Bureau, Anti Narcotics Force, Public Prosecution and many more, to look into various international standards, assess the existing practices and exchange experiences in dealing with money laundering.